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What is the Average Animator Salary?

You guys are excited to land your first animation job.


Along with the excitement, you might be wondering what package I would expect to have.

Isn’t it? Yes!!

Therefore, I am here to answer all your queries regarding the salary packages of a motion graphics artist.

So don’t fret!!

I’ll be guiding you on this journey and giving you essential information on motion graphics artist career and the vital motion graphics skills that you should posses.

The animation is a creative industry and the demand for talented and skilled animators has increased drastically with the advancement of technology.

Let’s understand the role of animators.

Although animators are responsible for creating frames(i.e gathering of multiple images) and supposed to place the frames in a sequence that can be used in crafting an illusion of movement and this process is usually known as animation.

However, the motion graphic profession is not limited to creating an illusion. It’s more than this and if you are planning to join this creative industry, then what are you waiting for just get out of your shell and let’s sail the sheep of creativity and flexible industry in the market.

I have enlisted job roles for an animator that they are generally entrusted with

  • Storyboarding
  • Designing animated characters
  • Meeting and planning with clients
  • Dialogue recording and working with editors.
  • Weaving the animation environment.

The salary package of Animators

The pay package of animators is entirely based on their skills and job responsibilities. Here is a glimpse of salaries of animators as per different job profiles.

Senior Animator

Senior animators produce animation for characters, props, vehicles, and backgrounds. Get a quick view of other job responsibilities performed by senior animators:

  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems during the release cycle.
  • Streamline the task and achieve the organization goals
  • Create reusable animation assets for long-term development.

According to payscale the average salary of a Senior Animator is Rs.660,000 per annum.

3D artist

The 3D artist is responsible for creating computer images of people, buildings and 3D objects. 3D designs are unlike traditional 2D art. And have an extensive understanding of relevant software and tools utilized in the animation industry.

  • Outstanding artistic skill
  • In some case, 3D artist can be asked to render out sketches which are in 2d representation. So to stand out in such a situation he/she should have the appropriate knowledge and skills which are required:
  • Good understanding of computer software
  • Proficient in creative hardware media including light boards and stylii for drawing, etc.

Task performed by the 3D artist such as:

  • Utilization of software, lighting, and rendering in order to fabricate textures and eye-catching visual effects.
  • Associate with designers and developers to build simulations and final projects.
  • Produce digital models adding video editing, 3D modeling, and animation.

The average salary a 3D artist getting is around Rs 301,890 per annum.


Compositors perform various duties such as live-action, animation, graphics, and special effects. They are usually found in the post-production process and manages the construction of the final image by adding layers of the material prior created, ensuring at the end that you have accomplished the desired style.

According to payscale the annual income of Compositor is approx Rs 357,992

Animation Designer

Animation designers utilize their skills in creating images and effects for television, films, commercials, websites and video games. They are also supposed to coordinate projects and animator to build 3D animation.

Let’s jump to the job description of the animation designer.

There is no as such job responsibilities for animation designer it varies with the company and their requirement. Work involves creating graphics and animation for media companies and commercials.

Moreover, animation designer utilized various tools like an Adobe Photoshop, 3D modeling and rendering program including blender, 3D studio Max for web applications, familiarity with Flash and HTML5, etc to create final output or visual effects.

The average salary of an animation designer is Rs 307,226 approx.

3D Animators

3D animators are responsible for making images and manipulate their movements in 3D environment through computer software and tools. Their work needs a high level of detailing and the ability to problem solve to render the final output.

Job responsibilities for 3D animators.

  • Create animation, special effects, visual images using film, video, computers or other media.
  • Produce multi-media presentation to illustrate a wide array of material.
  • Cooperate with multiple departments and customers.

According to Payscale, the average 3D animator's salary is Rs 308513 per annum.

The 3D animator profile would be an excellent opportunity for the newbies. I would recommend you to get a certification or join online courses to get hands-on 3D animation along with you can expect handsome salary out of it it’s all up to your knowledge and competencies.

Graphic Artist/Designers

The motion graphics artist utilizes his graphic skills in making artwork that will be used in advertisements, newspapers, magazines, printing firms, etc. They put efforts to convey the message through beautiful graphics to the audience.

They work in studios environments with computers and drafting tables, with access to space, where they can spread out their art and design work for many firms.

According to payscale the average salary of Rs 272489 per annum.

Last Words

You will get ample opportunity in this creative and emerging field to grow your career, and if you work hard, you will surely achieve the milestone of your career growth.

Additionally, to succeed in this domain, you are supposed to have a specialty in any of the animation division which has mentioned above. Therefore you can join an online animation course and have proficiency along with you can create an effective show-reel to showcase your employer.

And for getting clear insights regarding the courses, you can hop on to the webdew’s blog. This will provide you the detail and benefits of joining online animation courses.

Good Luck!!

Meghna Biswas

Meghna Biswas

Meghna Biswas is a Social Media Marketer and Content Creator, she helps businesses attain leads through variety of social content across the web. Ms. Biswas is a writer by day or reader by night.

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