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Motion Graphics Career- 5 reasons it is the best career choice in 2020

Ever wondered how animated videos work? Ever heard the term motion graphics? If no. It's Okay!

Let me take you through this blog and get you some vital insights into this creative field and know-how you can build your motion graphics career with these pro-tips. 

Let’s get started!

Motion graphics is the technique that brings life to the images with movements. Gradually it has become a favorite of the marketers. Why? Not only because they look cool but because they are also a unique way of communication. The blend of animation, voice-overs, story-telling content makes it an effective marketing content.

Video marketing is redefining the definition of content marketing and becoming a favorite among marketers. 87% of the marketers said that video has helped in increasing the traffic to their website. With the help of a video, you can explain a 1500 word article in just 15 seconds. A 2015 Facebook study says that even video views under 10 seconds effectively build awareness and drive purchase intent.

Let's explore some more about motion graphics and why it is the best choice for brands.

What is Motion Graphics, and why does a brand need it?

What is Motion Graphics

The term' motion graphics' is not new. The leading brands across the industries have been using it for decades because of their effective way of conveying the brand message. You all might be familiar with the Doordarshan. 

Remember its logo? Yes, the round faded circles making a logo with Doordarshan written in the center. A fine example of motion graphics. You might also be using emojis in daily life while working on your laptop or mobile, also an example of motion graphics.

In simple words, we can describe motion graphics as the creation of the animated graphic design. It is a type of animation but with text, graphics, colors, and movements. It is a creative way to communicate a complex idea to the audience quickly and understandably.  

Motion graphics is the amalgam of illustration, animation, photography, and typography that brings out the visually striking content that connects with the audience and makes a brand appealing.

What makes Motion Graphics a better choice for brands?


Videos are always an effective way to engage and communicate with the viewer. Motion graphics give life to a static picture, hence making it more attractive and impactful. A Social video generates 12 times the shares than text and images combined.

Easy to interpret

Motion graphics make content more fascinating and easy to understand with beautiful animation, music, and powerful narrative and don't require much from the viewers. 90% of the information that goes to our brain is visuals, and that's why motion graphics are a sure-shot way to connect with the audience.


Rather than shooting a video with real people, which, of course, will cost them more, brands can use their graphic motion team and get the job done more cost-effectively. And once you create an explainer video, you can use it at various digital platforms, relevant presentations, and emails. 

Editing and updation

Motion graphic videos are more comfortable to edit and update than the video with real-life people. 

Quick communication

Sectors like banking and insurance, SaaS are using motion graphics in their ads to tell about their services clearly and effectively in a short time and in an exciting way.

What does a Motion Graphics artist do?

Motion graphic artists create artwork for websites, televisions, and films. It can be a commercial, a trailer, a movie clip, or a title sequence. 

A motion graphic artist's primary goal is the information presented through graphics and animated texts often accompanied by voice-overs. The gist is -they design drawings that are in motion.

By animating graphics and creating visual effects, motion graphic artists can visually appeal visuals, stunning video assets, and content and make the commercials, websites, or a trailer visually striking. This way, it gives a sophisticated feel to the visual branding.  

Motion Graphic Tools


7 Skills a Motion Graphics artists should have

Being a graphic motion artist was a niche skill once. But the last few years have seen enormous changes in the trends change in the directions, and there has been an immense demand for skilled motion artists. Let’s see what vital skills a graphic motion artist needs to push his work on another level.

Graphic design skills

Motion design artists virtually bring visual features to life through animation. So you should know not only how to make the elements move but also how to create them.

Basic knowledge of traditional art

Having a basic understanding of conventional art can help you put your ideas on paper, which is more accessible than putting them on a computer. This way, you can do a quick brainstorming of different ideas.


A motion graphic artist should have a good understanding of animation. After all, he is supposed to bring 2D elements to life through movement. 

3-D Design skills

3D elements are the base of motion graphics as they make the information more accessible and understandable. Thus makes brands use it more. Don't limit yourself to just 2D motion design; expand your knowledge into 3D as it will open up more opportunities for you. 

Typography and colour theory

Typography is an essential factor in motion graphics and plays an important role. Wrong use of fonts can cost you. So familiarity with the typography will be a plus point.

Colours and fonts bring life to the designs. Being a motion graphic artist, you should know color theory and its colours and colour combinations to catch the audience's attention.

Creativity and originality 

Creativity is the most required skill of an artist. A motion artist's job is to bring life to a graphic and tell a story effectively so that the audience finds it appealing.

Don't follow the trend or modify what's already there. Create your signature style. Make your work unique. That only will make it memorable.

Technical skills

All of the work in motion graphics gets done on computers, so you must have the technical knowledge to work on servers and systems. And be able to adapt to the numerous programs, operating systems, and virtual servers.

Top 5 reasons to choose Motion Graphics as a career

Extensive demand

You can see motion graphics in commercials, explainer videos, logos, YouTube videos, brand promotion, billboards, and almost everywhere on a digital platform.

From a big brand to midsize business, everyone wants to reach their brands to click with their respective audiences. Banking, insurance, gaming, movies, almost every industry uses motion graphics artists' services and thus holds vast opportunities for you. 

Creative work field

Motion graphics artists' job is all about creativity. How to bring a simple idea into motion design and make it attractive enough to catch the audience's attention, engage, and captivate them. As a motion graphic artist, you will need to turn a simple idea of a client so that the audience finds it appealing enough. 

High salary option

A motion graphic artist with experience less than a year can earn up to Rs. 2,0,8000.

Experience of 1 to 9 years can get you something between Rs. 3,50,000 to Rs. 6,45,000 and artists with 10+ years of experience can make up to Rs. 8,85,000.

A fresher will get a good start in the industry, but you should possess the required skills.

Growing and updating industry

With the new trends coming and the launch of new software and tools, this industry keeps updating and growing. In the coming future, we can see an adaptation of artificial intelligence and virtual motion graphic artists. 

Learn and work at your comfort 

While a degree gives you a good start in the field, many great graphic artists have learned independently. Read books, watch tutorials, practice on practice on tools at home . With a passion for design, you will learn a great deal on your own.

If you don't want to work in-house, you can also go for freelancing and work according to your schedule and comfort.

Last Words

I believe that you now understand what motion graphics are, its future, and what opportunities it holds for you. If you dream of becoming a motion graphic artist, you need to have the required skills and hands-on experience. 

Seeing today's scenario where 'maintaining social distancing' and 'work from home' are the new normal, a motion graphics career can become a boon for you. Work as a freelancer or in-house artist; you can work from the comfort of your home. So there is a silver lining for motion graphics artists among this pandemic. 

There are many tutorials and online certifications are available on the internet about motion graphics. Start learning and practicing. A bright future awaits you.

Good Luck!!


Meghna Biswas

Meghna Biswas

Meghna Biswas is a Social Media Marketer and Content Creator, she helps businesses attain leads through variety of social content across the web. Ms. Biswas is a writer by day or reader by night.

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