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Thursday Talk 34

How to Be a Good Listener

Presented by Ms. Savnam Rana on How to Be a Good Listener.

Thursday Talk Videos

Thursday Talk 33

Passion or Profession

Another video of the Thursday Talk Session. Presented by Mrs. Daljeet Kaur on Passion or Profession.

Thursday Talk 32

Every Second Counts

Presented by Mr. Vijay Bisht on every second counts.

Thursday Talk 31

Smart Work vs Hard Work

Presented by Mr. Sonu Kumar on smart work vs hard work.

Thursday Talk 30

Save Environment

Presented by Mr. Randeep Singh on how we can save our environment.

Thursday Talk 29

How To Stay Positive In Negative Situations

Presented by Ms. Akanksha Pandita on how to stay positive in negative situations.

Thursday Talk 28

How To Spread Positive Vibes

The session was delivered by Ms. Prabhleen Kaur on "How To Spread Positive Vibes".She shares her views about how we can spread positive vibes with everyone.

Thursday Talk 27

How to Build a Good Personality

Presented by Devdeep Singh on how to build a good personality. He presented in thoughts in the form of different checkpoints that are important to shape your personality.

Thursday Talk 26

Two Important Things in Life

It was another session of the Thursday Talk. This time it was delivered by Mr Varun Kaushik.

Thursday Talk 25

Happy Teachers Day

In this video of Thursday talk, Mr. Harinder had a very insightful topic. It was on the value of Teachers in our life on Teachers Day.

Thursday Talk 24

Be a Pocketsmart

The session was delivered by Ms. Salina Arora on " Be a #Pocketsmart".

Thursday Talk 23

Comparison and Choices

Ms. Sindhu Sharma delivered on "Comparison and Choices" in this thursdaytalks session.

Thursday Talk 22

Don't depend on anyone

Mr. Rahul Mehta presented his thoughts on "Don't depend on anyone". He had opinions on why a person should not completely depend on others and should take initiative and responsibility to work independently.

Thursday Talk 21

Fear Of Public Speaking

Public Speaking, the most difficult task for the shy people.

Thursday Talk 20

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture is a very important part one looks for when searching for a job.

Thursday Talk 19

College Life vs Professional Life

College life is where we learn the practicalities and Professional life is where we implement them.

Thursday Talk 18

How To Boost Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a very important trait of a personality, it describes how an individual has that differentiating factor than that of others.

Thursday Talk 17

Things You Need To Know While Communicating

Communication is the backbone of every interaction. If you make mistakes while you are interacting with someone, it might become a barrier or a hindrance.

Thursday Talk 16

How Body Posture affects your daily life

Our body language says a lot about our personality.

Thursday Talk 15

Knowledge is best asset to accumulate

"Knowledge is power", we all agree with this fact, right?

Thursday Talk 14

Be a blessing for others

In this Thursday Talks session, Mr Pawan Saini talks about the values we inherit and how it can be used towards the benefit of society.

Thursday Talk 13

How to think out of the box

A creative mindset is a quality that everyone does not possess. You need " To Think Out Of The Box".

Thursday Talk 12

Decision Making

Do you know what is the reason behind a successful outcome?

Thursday Talk 11

How to stop overthinking

Overthinking is the problem for every solution. Let's understand how to stop overthinking.

Thursday Talk 10

Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization

Let's know more in detail about Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization and have a better understanding of these terms.

Thursday Talk 09

Value of Discipline

There is the value of discipline in all walks of life. It's a crucial part of our life. Let's know more in detail about the value of discipline.

Thursday Talk 08

Qualities of a leader

There is the value of discipline in all walks of life. It's a crucial part of our life. Let's know more in detail about the value of discipline.

Thursday Talk 07

How to set realistic goals

You need to be clear about the goal and aim of your life. Let's learn how to set realistic goal.

Thursday Talk 06

How to face your Failure

Failure is a part of your life. Learn to overcome the obstacle and acknowledge your disappointment don't get demotivated. Embrace the beauty of life and keep yourself surrounded by positive vibes.

Thursday Talk 05

Talent and skills

Talent is your inborn ability to accomplish something. But skills are learnt ability. One can acquire skills by putting a lot of time and hard work to achieve success in your life.

Thursday Talk 04

Self Realization

Self Realization not only helps one progress spiritually but also helps one carry out worldly interactions with ease.

Thursday Talk 03

Workplace Etiquette for Personal Growth

There is more to prospering in a new role and building a solid, rewarding career than what is written in your resume. Or how you handle yourself in interviews.

Thursday Talk 02

Impact of technology on our day to day life

We are living in an era of advanced technology, where every part of our daily lives is related to the science of craft in one way or another.

Thursday Talk 01

The Power of Human Brain

Mind is the master of this planet, and when that mind is not moral, not conscientious, not wise, it leads to a world less human.