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HubSpot Specialist

Responsibilities - How you will contribute to webdew's success

  • Building and launching effective email campaigns (HubSpot)
  • Leading the HubSpot onboarding processes for new clients
  • Drip and nurturing email campaigns - ideas, creation, execution and content
  • Reporting and analytics to review with clients
  • Managing and keeping track of client tasks, deadlines and priorities
  • Designing email templates optional, but preferred
  • Reviewing and presenting website analytics and data, using data to improve digital campaigns
  • Working with an inbound marketing specialist (SEO, social, paid ads, content marketing) to tag team and client tasks
  • In-depth working knowledge of HubSpot, Marketing Automation, Google Analytics, Digital Reporting Tools
  • Experience in Marketing Automation Software- HubSpot Preferred and certification a plus
  • Keep current with inbound marketing and sales strategies, best practices and associated
  • The ability to adapt and create proactive change, excellent time management and organizational skills

Requirements: Glad to see you succeed. For success, you will need

  • BS/MS degree in computer science
  • A sharp focus on your goals, your team's goals, digital marketing funnel goals and the customer's goals
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Superior communication skills and presentation skills, ability to meet with clients, highly responsive
  • Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills and time management
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong analytical skills

Position Currently Unavailable

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