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Responsibilities - How you will contribute to webdew's success

  1. Communicating policies pertaining to Human Resources, compensation, and benefits
  2. Leave application management and payroll management.
  3. Conducting induction and orientation of new joiners.
  4. Planning and conducting employee engagement and team building activities
  5. Review company policies and employment conditions to ensure legal compliance
  6. Manage the Internal Knowledge base on company website
  7. Implement performance review procedures
  8. Manage employees’ grievances
  9. Organizing and maintaining employee records on CRM
  10. Provide counseling on policies and procedures.
  11. Liaising between employees and management

Requirements: Glad to see you succeed. For success, you will need

  1. Previous working experience in HR functions like pay & benefits, employee engagement and leave management (preferred 1 yr to 4 yrs)
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of employment law
  3. Outstanding interpersonal skills
  4. Exceptional written and verbal communication
  5. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  6. Good problem-solving ability
  7. Strong availability and punctuality

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