If you study the market carefully, you will find that all the agencies and companies are busy promoting their strengths and critical elements. Well, that is the norm, and that is normal. Every agency wants its visitors, audiences, and followers to think the best of them. However, it is also typical for all these companies to have specific pain points that might bother the candidates aspiring to join them. But do you really get to assess them before you enter the agency? No!

webdew here is willing to take the risk. There are many reasons why webdew is just the right place for you to start your career or thrive further, but there are also certain things that make it quite not your cup of tea. 

What are those? Read along to find out!

Why should you reconsider joining webdew?

You have to take part in company activities:

We all believe in celebrating and having fun together. We invest quite a lot of our time and energy to bring the members close and create an enjoyable and culturally healthy ecosystem. We really don’t appreciate members who are reluctant to contribute to company activities. 

We want team players and high-spirited people who will respect and celebrate the diversity of our company. We house employees from various states and cultural backgrounds, and it is a must that we celebrate all the festivals as a family.

There are plenty of companies that are all about work and not so inclined to have fun. But when it comes to webdew, we want to strike the right balance, so no one feels burdened or bored by their work. And becoming an employee means you have to take part in all our activities.

Parallel professional commitment:

Since the popularization of platforms like UpWork and Fiverr, people have normalized taking up personal projects besides their full-time job to earn some extra cash. However, if you have made up your mind to join webdew, you will have to give up on any kind of parallel professional commitment.

We want to make it clear that we have no intention of posing a financial objection. But we do believe by indulging in parallel professional commitments, individuals will compromise their commitment to our company and the projects they are a part of at webdew.

If you are working on external projects or assignments simultaneously, you will not only lose your focus but deliver an inadequate quality of work. It also impacts your growth curve at webdew, which we are not willing to compromise with.  

We have no problem with members volunteering or working with a non-profit organization on weekends to help the community as long as it has no resemblance with the job profile they have at webdew.

For instance, if you are serving webdew in the capacity of a motion graphic artist, and you are devoting your weekends to teach children at an NGO, we only have an appreciation for you. But when it comes to part-time or freelancing commitments, the management has clear restrictions.

webdew has strict Time Doctor policies:

Yes, webdew uses Time Doctor, one of the best time tracking tools in the industry. For those who have little knowledge of it, Time Doctor is a SaaS-based employee monitoring tool that includes keystroke logging, time tracking, screenshots, and internet tracking features. 

While this tool is best in class in enhancing productivity and keeping track of time in case of 100% remote working, many candidates have expressed hesitation, doubts as far as dislike. 

We understand that many believe it to be an invasion of privacy, and others feel pressured due to this tool, but that would only be the immediate reaction. If we justify our reason to stick to our Time Doctor policy, there are quite a few long term benefits attached to it:

  • Time utilization: I hope we all agree that not everyone is equally skilled at time management. Especially for freshers, it may get challenging to master the art of maintaining productivity and setting priorities for deliverables.

    When someone is working on multiple projects, it is crucial to log the time as per estimation to ensure none gets ignored.

    Since the time spent is also getting monitored by the Operations department, there is always enough material to refer to when planning the next day, week, and month. In remote working, it helps the company keep the entire team in sync so that no one loses time for another while collaborating on projects. 

  • Discipline: it is only natural to leave your first company and join another eventually, but while you are at your first job, you should never miss the chance to learn the discipline of the corporate culture. Using Time Doctor ensures that an employee is always aware of the time.

    While it may feel limiting, you are always conscious not to waste time slacking and finish your work without serving over time. It also increases your efficiency as an employee. It pays a great deal in the later years of your career.

  • Internet usage: while we believe that members of our company only have the agency’s best interest in their hearts, it is not impossible for them to get distracted or fall prey to the temptations of social media.

    To maintain professionalism, even when working from the confines of your home, we use Time Doctor screenshots to keep track.

  • Code of conduct: working from home has really turned many employees casual about their code of conduct. With no one looking, you might feel the urge to dress or sit casually, as you would do at home.

    However, since we are working professionals, we must maintain a professional appearance. We often attend virtual meetings on video calls. It leaves a wrong impression if we are dressing inappropriately. It is therefore mandatory that we dress as per the official dress code.

    Sitting arrangements also fall in this category, as webdew has strict policies about your workspace. We need our employees to have a particular room/ corner dedicated to working. It is also mandatory that you sit at a table with a chair.

    Time Doctor regulations help us make sure that our employees follow these policies. It is also essential to mention that management always maintains the Time Doctor webcam and screenshot data confidentiality.

    In a crux: the primary purpose of Time Doctor is not to limit the agility of the employees but to maintain their productivity. As we have switched to remote working, ensuring optimum productivity has become rather challenging. But with compliance and support from the employees and the technology of Time Doctor, webdew can uphold the previous records without any disruption.

You have to submit a security check before your joining:

While you go through your final interview round, you will be made aware of another policy that webdew firmly adheres to; a security check deposit. Many candidates seem to think it is about the money. Let us clear the air by saying that webdew does not want your money.

The security cheque is to solidify and protect the following clauses that you will find in the employee agreement:

  • Annual bond: when you join webdew, you agree, as a part of the employment agreement, to serve as an employee for the minimum period of one year. We included this bond as we are a growing company and set long-term goals for our employees. We are not ready to house any candidate unsure about their plan for the next 12 months.

    These 12 months also include the probationary period. The bond ensures that a given employee will not terminate their employment for the said period; in case of any breach, the security deposit would be encased as a part of the penalty.

    Apart from this, if an employee misrepresents the company or does something inappropriate in the company’s name or damages the company’s physical property, or leaks confidential information, then the security cheque can be put in the bank for encashment.

  • Non-compete: the agreement also says that an employee can not take part or participate, directly or indirectly, in any business or activity that competes with the business, proposed businesses, or business interests of webdew, may it be within or outside the Indian territory within one year of leaving the company.

    This clause protects our company’s legitimate business interests and keeps the strategies, and other confidential information concealed. Again, the security check can be encashed in case of breach of the agreement, along with other serious actions.

  • Non-solicitation: discontinuation of employment is a common phenomenon. We understand that employees joining webdew may one day decide to leave the company as well. However, we do not appreciate any act of solicitation by anyone who has once been part of our family.

    The non-solicitation clause prohibits ex-employees from soliciting current or previous employees and/ or clients of webdew during the term of his/her agreement and a period of 2 years after that. 

Your availability on communication channels are mandatory:

Even when members are on leave, they are always requested and expected to be active on communication channels such as Slack, email, and phone calls. This may seem unfair to those applying for a leave. 

However, it must be made clear that HR has strict policies regarding reaching out to those on leave, and we do not encourage the same unless it is necessary. At the same time, it is also true that many employees work on client projects or internal tasks that get hindered if one of the team members abruptly becomes unavailable.

Our employees are our most significant assets, but to make sure they are compensated just as they should at the end of every month, it is paramount to keep the processes going and clients satisfied. 

Hence, we always remind and urge our employees to support us in the process and take the time out to help their associates at the time of dire need while making sure that we are sensitive to their cause and availability. 

You have to abide by webdew’s infrastructure:

Every company, agency, and organization has an infrastructure that’s based on several processes. It is imperative to ensure that these processes are followed to ensure smooth and streamlined operations inside the organization. 

webdew has spent years establishing a well-defined infrastructure, and here are some of the regulations that one must follow to protect the same:

  • Respecting due dates: every task and project assigned to an employee comes with a defined due date. The due date is only allotted after considering the workload and availability of team members.

    More often than not, members are given a chance even to suggest a convenient due date. However, once the due date has been confirmed, we expect the respective employees or employees to meet the due dates.

    No leniency is to be shown by the team leaders, project managers or management, in case of delay. The concerned members have to send an official mail to the operations in case of fall-out, explaining the reasons for the delay.

  • Following the hierarchy: our agency is bifurcated into teams and departments that coordinate to deliver results. However, to maintain order and avoid any confusion regarding the tasks and instructions, we abide by a hierarchy.

    If you are an executive under a particular team leader, only your leader or service captain can assign you a task. Even if leaders or executives need your coordination in a specific task, they need to inform your service captain and confirm your availability.

    Team members of a department are also prohibited from discussing or coordinating on a task without the prior knowledge and approval of their captains. The service captains are also not allowed to reach out to executives of other departments or teams unless the same has been notified to the service captain of the given department.

    There are no exceptions to this rule, and all the members have to follow this rule. Only the management and HR can reach out to a given member for particular scenarios and vice versa.

  • Need to have proper setup: No matter whether you are working from home or from office, you need to have a proper setup which includes table-chair, broadband, invertor, webcam and earphones. webdew believes that working in a proper environment and with comfort will not only help you to perform the tasks easily and with professionalism, but also is good for your health. 

You have to take responsibility for your teammates:

webdew works as a team, and there is no “I” in the team. Thus, whether it is your team leader, teammates, or subordinates, you have to take responsibility for them and vice versa.

If any of your associates come across a challenge or cannot perform their best due to some severe issues, you are expected to come forward and work shoulder to shoulder with them to solve the problem. 

This essentially helps members develop better coordination with each other which streamlines processes that take place within the organization. It is an excellent opportunity to build your soft skills such as communication, team playing, etc. 

Taking responsibility also enhances your leadership skills, which webdew tries to manifest in every family member.

Lack of Interpersonal skills:

No matter how qualified you are, or how much you know about the technical aspects, webdew is not for you, if you do not have interpersonal skills. We honestly believe that technical skills can be taught, but they are impossible to harvest when it comes to courtesy, mannerisms, and patience. 

Thus, you may want to reconsider applying for a job at webdew if you lack the following interpersonal skills.

  • Politeness: whenever interacting with your teammates, you are expected to be on your best behavior and be polite with your associates at any cost. Politeness is one of the first qualities that any candidate is tested for. If you are not polite, you are not for webdew.

    We understand that there may be moments of disagreement between you and another teammate. But under no circumstances will impolite behavior or use of foul language will be tolerated.

  • Empathy: we have repeatedly repeated the importance of team spirit for our organization, yet we find it worth mentioning that all must show compassion towards others.

    Whether we are working from home or in the office space, we must extend our helping hand in any plausible way. We all should feel that the webdew family is right beside us when it comes to tough times.

    The same applies to the moments of celebration, where everyone is expected to share the joy of achievements, personal celebrations, new journeys, etc.

  • Respect: all the teammates, whether a senior, superior or subordinate, must be treated with equal respect at all times. To avoid any discrepancies in terms of addressing your co-workers, we have established a simple rule.

    Within the organization, everyone is requested to address each other as sir or ma’am. This way, none of us will feel small or big, irrespective of our job role, designation, age, gender, etc.

You have to be open to learning and growth( for freshers):

webdew is a growing company and believes in providing unlimited opportunities to freshers for growth and development. As a company, we make an effort to train you and give you the exposure you need to learn new skills that will help you excel in your career. 

Whenever we see potential in someone, we try to give them the resources they need to earn proficiency and credibility. There are many companies in the industry that are willing to pay you what you ask for. However, they will not be ready to support you through your learning curve.

It is all about revenue for most companies, and the employees are their way to earn the same. For webdew, it’s about all overgrowth. Thus, we focus on paying the members with experience and learning beside their salary. 

Our salary packages are defined based on these factors and may not be agreeable with all the candidates out there. Still, we are only interested in those who understand the value of long-term growth instead of instant gratification.

The bottom line

Like any agency, webdew also has some rules and regulations, and we need our employees to support them and adhere to them. This helps us create and maintain a healthy operation that works in favor of the company and its employees. 

We understand that not all our candidates will be willing to play by the rules, which is quite understandable. But while you get to know about these obligations only after entering other companies, with webdew, it’s all right before your eyes. We only want those who understand us.

So now the question is, is webdew your cup of tea?