No matter in which field you are planning to start your career, having the right interaction with the recruiters is what makes you get hired. Being in the HR recruitment field, I know how difficult it is to catch an employee’s attention and make their mind to join the team. 

Going by morals, judging a person is not good, but this is what a job of an HR is all about.

Evaluating the candidates is the job of HR, and this might be very tricky for them too. Indeed, knowing the education and technical skills sometimes is easy, but to know their behavior in a psychological way is tough.

But all thanks to certain factors that will probably help HR recruiters in building a strong bond with the candidates and moving them ahead in the recruitment process. 

In the hiring process, HR tends to evaluate the candidates on various factors and try to get a better picture of their knowledge, skills, and behavior.

So how can a candidate know the factors on which an HR judges you? Are you also pondering over the same? If yes, then this blog is for you. 

6 Factors on which HR can judge a candidate

Let’s begin….

1. Dress to impress

This is the first and foremost factor on which HR analyzes the candidates. Yes, dressing in the right way while appearing for an interview really matters and shows your seriousness towards the interview. 

Once you know how to dress in an interview, then it will give a decent look to the viewers, which will further increase the chances of getting hired. 

For example, a candidate with formal attire will have more of an impression compared to that of a candidate wearing a sporty t-shirt. It does not matter whether it is an in-person interview or an online interview; proper attire is a must for the candidates. So, if you are in the HR field, then yes, you should surely consider the dressing sense in making the right move. 

2. Knowledge about the company

This is the most crucial factor that many of the candidates do not pay attention to. Before you appear for an interview, you need to thoroughly go through the company details. 

Once you know about the company before applying for the interview purpose, then it will be your own decision to join the company. You should know the company’s year of incorporation, the founder of the company, services that the company is providing, their work culture, and also the reviews. You can get a better idea about whether you should join the company or not. 

This knowledge will clear up most of the quarries, and you will be more confident about the interview. Also, it will give a positive impression on the interview and increase the chances of getting hired. 

3. Plan your pitch

Planning your pitch for introducing yourself or regarding any topic will develop a flow in your communication. It will give a boost to your confidence, and HR will be more clear for your profile and for your readiness of questioning. An incomplete introduction gives an idea that you are nervous or don’t have anything to say.

So, whenever you appear for an interview, you need to ensure that you plan a breakdown so that you can impressively complete your entire interview round. Moreover, getting to the conclusion will also let the interviewer know more about you, which will further increase the chances of hiring. 

4. Brush up your communication & technical skills

While analyzing the candidate’s communication skills, HR sometimes tends to ask some general topics for discussion. The idea here is to check whether the candidate has fluency in speaking without major grammatical mistakes. Small mistakes are genuine; even if you have spoken something wrong, correct it and continue speaking. 

Alongside the communication skills, prepare for the technical questions that might be asked by the interviewer. Going into an interview without preparation is like heading for a war without a gun. You get a chance only in one shot; make it worthy of it.

5. Ask questions from HR

Many candidates, when asked if they have any queries, reply that they don’t have anything to ask. This is where you should take charge and come forward to ask questions from HR. 

Now, you might be thinking about what exactly you should ask. Well! It could be like- what is my future in your career, what benefits have your company provided to employees in this pandemic, etc.

These questions make the interview feel that you are really looking forward to joining the company and increasing your personal touch towards the interviewer. 

6. Show your confidence

Confidence is the key to success. If you want to crack your HR interview in the first attempt, then you need to surely work on building your confidence. By sharing each answer correctly and with confidentiality, the interviewer will get more confident in taking you within the team. 

Besides confidentiality, I would recommend you to be positive because a great attitude and energy will increase the probability of getting hired. 

The Final Say 

Good quality recruiters are always looking at hiring the right talent for which they continuously keep on upgrading their HR skills. Now, hopefully, by keeping the above points in mind, you can easily hire the right candidate for your company.

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Editor- Divya Verma