Getting hired in this unpredictable time is really a hassle. Both freshers and experienced people are struggling a lot to get the right job that fulfills their desires. Are you also looking for one? If yes, then webdew is the place where you can work independently and proceed with your passion. 

Don’t know how to begin? Need not fret! In this blog, we will try our best to help you understand how webdew hires candidates

Now, without any further discussion, let’s have a look at the recruitment process of webdew. 

Hiring process of webdew

Let’s begin… 

Well! The hiring process of webdew is a meticulously designed series of steps that helps in facilitating quick and hassle-free candidate selection that is solely focused on providing a positive candidate experience. 

Since the covid outbreak webdew is following virtual hiring, in these tough times, many companies stopped hiring only because they don’t have the right process. That’s where webdew wins the game.

webdew keeps on hiring the right talent through an online platform. Yes, all the interviews are conducted online through Google meet. Indeed, webdew’s office is located in Mohali, Punjab, but in a time span of two years, people from across the country, from different states, have joined us through this hiring process. 

Now that you know the secret behind the success of webdew recruitment let’s understand more about how it actually starts. 

Well! The hiring process of webdew begins when a person schedules an interview with us. Say if you are the one who wishes to join webdew or someone who is actively looking for a job can easily schedule their interview using the link, or they can visit our career page: Moreover, they can also apply directly for the role they are interested in. 

interview-slotCandidates can directly book the interview for a specific date and time as per their availability and convenience. Yes! You are reading it right! You don’t have to wait for the recruitment team to share the email for your interview. You can directly go ahead and book the interview. 

Say, once the interview is scheduled, a candidate has to go through 5 rounds of the selection process. 

If I am not wrong, then you might be thinking about the rounds that a candidate has to go through. Don’t worry! Below is the overview of these rounds of interviews. 

What are the interview rounds in the webdew? 

Introductory round 

It is a preliminary round of interviews designed primarily for initial screening. Normally, this does not happen on a daily basis; nearly 14-15 interviews of 20 minutes each are conducted by our recruitment team for different roles within various departments of the company.

webdew-organizational-chart-1In this round, a candidate is evaluated on the basis of certain criteria such as overall work experience, educational qualification, basic technical knowledge, communication, and interpersonal skills. So, if you want to join webdew, then make sure you give a good read to all the pointers and proceed accordingly. 

To make this campaign more effective and productive, the recruitment team keeps on catering constructive feedback from the candidates to make sure they receive good quality services from webdew. You can surely have a look at the reviews shared by the candidates:



Technical test

If you pass the first round, then here comes the next round, which is a technical test. It is basically the process of evaluating all the technical skillset of an applicant. 

After the first round of interviews, the recruitment team shares a technical task with the candidates with all the specific deadlines that help them to complete the project effortlessly. 

Once the completed task is received by the team, it is evaluated by the experts, and feedback is shared with the candidates within 24 hours of receiving it. If the feedback is negative, candidates are informed of the same along with the points of improvements, and if the feedback is positive, candidates are called for the technical round of interviews.

The best part is if the candidate gets rejected, then they can definitely re-apply on the same profile after six months. 

Technical round

Knowing the technicalities for the field is another point that every manager looks for. This round is conducted to assess technical knowledge, like how well versed and updated a candidate is with the latest technologies in the market. 

If you are thinking about who is going to lead this meet, then you need to understand that this round is conducted by the team lead or manager of the particular department for which the candidate has applied. 

For example, if you have applied for a sales executive role, the interview will be conducted by the sales manager of the company. So, don’t worry! You just need to be confident enough to get through this technical round. 

HR and policy discussion round

Once the technicians/leads are satisfied with your performance, then you have to appear for the HR round. In this round, particularly the interpersonal skills of the candidates are evaluated. Along with it, there are certain company policies and values which are discussed with the applicant. 

Being in the recruitment process, I feel that it is very important to share the details about the company before a person joins the organization so that a person has a clear picture of the company’s work and culture. 

Always remember, if you are good on HR grounds, then you can easily go through your professional life. Thus, make sure you have a clear picture of the company’s policies. 

Management round

It is basically the last round of interviews that are conducted by one of the members of the top management of the company. Top management includes the company’s CEO Mr. Danish Wadhwa, and COO, Mrs. Chehak Wadhwa. It is a mix of both technical and non-technical questions.

A candidate’s selection is made once they have gone through all the rounds of interviews. In case a person does not qualify for the next round of interviews at any stage of the selection process, the recruitment team makes sure that they are informed of the same. 

Constructive feedback is shared so that the candidate can work and improve on their skills. After the selection, the final discussion takes place, and the onboarding process is initiated. Through this process, a candidate gets a chance to interact with at least one member of the hierarchy at every step. 

Have a look at the recruitment process video-

Interview Tips

Are you looking forward to booking an interview slot with webdew? Are you excited about your interview round? Don’t miss going through these interview tips. 

If you are interviewing at webdew, it is imperative that you research a few bits about the company before appearing for the interview. 

Although the rounds are conducted virtually, It is important for you to respect all the professional courtesy, which includes attending the interview on time and being presentable. 

These few things would definitely work in your favor. If you have the zeal to learn and passion for growing, webdew is the right place for you.

The Final say 

We tried to cover all the basics of the webdew recruitment process. Each round is properly explained that helps you book your interview slot with webdew. Say if you have good communication skills and IQ skills, then you can crack all the rounds effortlessly. 

So, what are you waiting for? Be confident and get ready to book the interview by improving HR skills. Still, having any concerns? Feel free to contact us

Editor– Divya