Web developers and designers have always been the backbone of the organizations and contributing a lot in delivering essential services to overseas clients.

Research by Godaddy says that the constant expansion of web development and designing, directing recent small business growth and an economic boost from the past couple of years, and there is no scope of slowing down in this development.

Moreover, this impact of growth has also been seen in the retail and travel industries, which is never-ending and it will surely escalate in the coming future.

Programmers and designers both possess contrasting job responsibilities and acquire unlike specialization and expertise in their respective domains. Therefore, programming, designing, and web development skills are in high demand among the recruiters.

To gain this expertise, you need to be certified because certifications are crucial to verifying and validating your web developer skills; through these arcades, you can prove your worth to the employer and fetch a job that is a better fit.

However, to narrow your search, I enlisted the best Web development certifications, which will give you an extra edge in the job market and open up new opportunities. To ace the next web development interview, you must explore these certifications today.

Best Web Development Certifications

C and C++ Certification

C and C++ are the fundamentals of programming language and have been around for years, introduced in the 1960s to 1970 and the 1980s to 1990. Although these languages are in high demand, even every college and university has added C/C++ courses in their curriculum.

One can get certified from the C++ institute and Pearson VUE to stand out from the crowd. Hence they are recognized as the world’s first international C++ institute offering two independent certification paths for the associate and professionals, and each certificate is valid for a lifetime.

Take a rundown at the below-mentioned credentials offered by the C++ Institute both online and offline. 

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C Programing Language Certified Associate (CLA)

The interesting fact about this certification is, you don’t require any pre-requisite to get approved. This web development certification course ensures you become a master in the basics of the C programming language and can accomplish the coding task related to C programming.

Additionally, this will enhance your fundamental programming techniques, custom and vocabulary, library functions, syntax, and semantics.

You must pass the exam with a 70% score to get certified, which contains 55 questions, and you will be given 75 minutes to complete the exam.

C Certified Professional Programmer Certification (CLP)

This module will allow you to learn advanced concepts of the C programming language and execute the coding and design task accordingly. Besides, you will be familiar with the programming techniques, including the library function and the usage of preprocessors, and much more.

To pass this module, you need to complete 55 questions and pass the exam with 70% marks.

C++ Certified Associate Programmer (CPA)

CPA is a professional certificate that lets you learn universal concepts of computer programming, principles of object-oriented, syntax and semantics of the C++ languages, the standard level of C++ libraries, and so on.

Also, this will provide you a complete package of elementary programming in C++. To get CPA certified, you need to pass the final exam of 55 questions and score at least 80%.

C++ Certified Professional Programmer Certification (CPP)

This certification will allow you to master the advanced C++ concepts, including templates, template functions and classes, C++ STL library, and solving common programming problems with STL predefines.

Assess your skills by attempting 60 questions, and to pass web development certification test, passing score would be 80% to get certified.

MongoDB Professional Certification

This certification will give you an in-depth understanding of the extensive feature of MongoDB and its use cases.

What will you learn in this certification?

  • You will get to learn how to do installation, configuration, and set up the driver to use MongoDB.
  • How to integrate the database with the IDE.
  • Retrieve data in the database.
  • Hands-on experience in querying, security, and authentication features.

Nowadays, enterprises are shifted towards NoSQL database, so it would be an excellent opportunity for the freshers to learn these competencies and expect a good job out of the IT industry.

Further, MongoDB offers free courses to help aspirants like you during interview preparation, and this certification comes with life-long validity, which is a plus point for every programmer out there.

One can Visit MongoDB certification and get certified.

Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)

This CSSLP certification is solely dedicated to software developers and QA tester, recognized as globally CSSLP secure software development certification. This certification shows your employer that you obtain the advanced technical skills and knowledge which are necessary for authentication, authorization, and auditing throughout the SDLC.

Go to CSSLP and earn certification to impress the hiring manager.

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In a Crux

There are abundant certifications available for programmers and developers out there. It assists you in honing your technical skills and boost your career further.

Therefore, you are supposed to prove your potential to the employer that you are worth it for their organization. Hence, to facilitate your movement up to the corporate ladder, you need to validate or verify your skills by acquiring certification. So choose it wisely according to your interests and fulfill your dreams.