Hello, all geeks out there!!

Are you all worried about how to get a web developer job and crack the technical interview?

Don’t worry; there is a piece of good news. I’ll be guiding you on your web development journey with some tips and skills that you need to possess, as surely this will help you attract your employer’s attention and secure your first developer job in the IT industry.

This documentation is solely dedicated to tech newbies looking to proceed with their first step towards Web development career. Many aspiring candidates are left behind due to a lack of web development skills,  knowledge and awareness regarding web development experiences and exposure. So here I have jotted down some pointers for all to get into the web development spectrum.

Let’s dive deep to know some effective Tips and Tricks for landing up to the desired web development job.

Create your own Portfolio Site

Your interviewer is not going to ask what you have studied so far in your degree. He wants to know more about your practical knowledge and experience you carried rather than the modules or subjects you have passed with at the University.

Therefore, showing a killer web development portfolio to your recruiter is mandatory. A vast portfolio can increase your chance of getting hired, and no doubt, it will be added as a plus point in your resume. Moreover, it also shows that you are serious about your career and can design a website.

So roll up your sleeves and get your first website done in plain HTML and CSS and follow the below-mentioned steps to make an online presence and get your website live.

  • Register a domain
  • Setting up web hosting
  • Installing a CMS
  • Creating accounts
  • Submitting to search engine
  • Adding Google Analytics to it.

Choose your favorite programming language

You might have studied Java, C++, C, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc., during your computing and IT degree, and indeed, you will include all these languages into your CV as technical skills.

Isn’t it? Yes!

But do you know, after seeing this, the recruiter will not take a second to dump your resume and instantly switch on to the next resume without wasting his time?

So it’s time to streamline your skillset and go with the language that you are good at.

Pick up a language that you are proficient in and start working on it. You can go either with Java and C# for frontend developer or PHP and Ruby for backend web development.

One can go for the certifications and earn badges for the same. Look for web development courses that interest you. This will act as butter on the bread for your web development career to progress smoothly.

Refer to the article List of Web Development Certification for getting a clear vision regarding the same.

Start doing freelancing

Freelancing web development projects are excellent for you guys because it avails you with many facilities like you can earn good money out of the projects, you will get exposure and learn different areas of expertise.

Additionally, it will allow you ample opportunities to work with different clients on various projects, and along with the projects, you will be gaining experience throughout your freelancing journey.

So with freelancing, you can tell your interviewer that you have got the experience of working on different live projects.

Create an account on GitHub

If you are a coding lover, then you must have an account on GitHub because it’s an “open source” platform for coders. In this excellent platform, you can make changes, modify, add your codes, suggestions, and other pieces of stuff easily according to your interests.

It allows you to contribute your knowledge and coding skills to others and learn various coding methods, technologies, and how to write quality code from the tech leads of the industry as they are working on.

Further, you can showcase your code to them on the same platform. Suppose some senior developer sees your potential work and gives you some constructive feedback. In that case, this will really leave a significant impact, and you can also share these experiences with the employer during an interview.

Get Social and be a part of the Online Communities

Nowadays, having social accounts is a must for all of us.

People prefer to connect through social networks these days, where even the recruiters spend most of their time on social networks searching for creative minds or incredible talents out there.

Additionally, they try to connect with local events happening in the industry through social accounts only.

So, the best way to connect with them is to make a social presence on(LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow) and grab the golden opportunities.

It is equally important to engage and participate in online communities because employers seek evidence that you are also enjoying your job apart from the technical skills.

You may start reading web development blogs and start commenting on them as per your understanding. Moreover, you can suggest your ideas as well which would be implemented in the future.

Be Logical and Resolve Bugs

IT industry does not rely on practical theory. It works on logic and concepts. To get real-time development experience, start working on the applications, find out the issues and try to solve them at your end. You can use WordPress plugins and GitHub repo as your savior.

Applying your theoretical knowledge practically can bring you one step forward towards your dream, and you will be able to impress your recruiter.

To Summarize

It might be challenging to get a job as a web developer as thousands of applicants may apply for the same position as you did. Thus, you require to conquer the crowd and secure your place in the tech industry.

However, you just need to keep the above pointers in your head and be committed along with the patience, and eventually, you’ll get the best opportunities coming your way.

I hope this guide will help you get a web developer job and hope you’ll soon get into the web development industry.

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Good Luck for your upcoming web development interview!