Hey, all Technical writers out there!!

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Today, I am going to talk about the dexterity you need to master to be a great Technical Content Writer.

Being a technical writer, you are supposed to articulate information to the right audience via proper writing standards. Yes! It’s all about communicating with the audience through your content with the help of your content writing skills and deliver the relevant information to your readers.

Indeed, to become a technical content writer, you need to be familiar with technical content writing skills there is no other way to win the cut-throat competition in the content writing market.

Skills every Technical Content Writer Should Have

Technical Skills

For a technical writer, it is critical to understand the subject matter, product or service that require documentation, although there are different professional field. It’s up to you on which area of technology you would like to have an expertise.

One can learn science and their respective division to understand the inner workings of cells and atoms.

Are you planning to write on specialized niche including big data, blockchain, phyton, cloud, digital marketing, etc.? If yes then bring technical skills to the table.

Otherwise, you will be asked to write on coding language or developer’s guide, then the mantra to win this documentation is to have a good understanding of programming languages.

Moreover, pharmaceuticals and other manufacturing industries contain specific requirements unlike technical for that reason you need to acquire a pretty good hands-on pharmacy or drugs. Technical content writing needs extensive knowledge and a high degree of engineering along with a solid knowledge of government documentation standards.

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Good understanding of Tools

A technical writer may ask to write on any of the specific content writer tools in a variety of formats depending upon the organization. Moreover, the tools on which company is relying for their technical documents that’s why you need to learn some of the famous tools including Adobe FrameMaker, MS Word, MadCap Flare, RoboHelp, PageMaker, and Quark depends on the tools the organization.

Furthermore, Google doc would be an essential asset for all content writers out there, as most of the organizations prefer to work on docs for content purposes. Hence, it’s good to learn more about google docs and their features.

Master the art of research/ Searching skill

For every content writer, the foundation of the soft documentation is research. Without knowing the fact that you are writing on which topic, you won’t be able to translate your thoughts to the target audience. If your foundation is not strong enough, then your readers will be going to dump your content in the wastebasket.

After all, Quality is what matters! No one is going to scroll the page which has irrelevant or nonfactual information.

Have you begun your article without doing proper research? Then you are in the wrong path, my buddy! Make a pause and start crawling the web and bring the best out of the internet.

Besides, for all the technical writers , it is essential to know the key points which they can put in their technical content.

As we are aware of the fact that advancement of communication and technology has evolved drastically in the latter part of the 20th century and the early part of this century, so it is important to know some of the pointers added below:

  • Add current stats related to your content in the article.
  • Add visual and statistical image which will provide clear insights of your content.
  • Put links of the reference.

Patience in solving/troubleshooting

A technical content writer should possess troubleshooting qualities. You may encounter such  situation where you will be asked to write on the topics which are so fresh and didn’t find any quality information on the web related the topic at that situation you may lose your calm and get frustrated. Being a content writer it’s crucial to learn to troubleshoot and not panic at the same time.

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Design Skills

For technical content writer visuals are essential. Earlier documents didn’t require any of the visual images or video content, but with the changes in algorithms of google now  you need to put the right amount of pictures in the article. Hence, you required an appreciation for graphics, visuals, and formatting as well.

Ability to convey your thoughts

The vital skills for a technical writers are to translate the thoughts because your ultimate aim is to explain complicated things quickly to the audience. It’s your responsibility to understand the things thoroughly after that you can only describe it to your readers.

There are some do’s you can follow.

  • Avoid passive sentences and long sentences.
  • Use pointers in the article.
  • Put facts and real stats
  • Avoid assumptions about what the user knows
  • Do not exaggerate the topic
  • If you are working for an SEO company, then you need to embed keywords in the content.
  • Put images and video content to enhance their readability.


Hope! you get an idea to enhance your technical writing skills. All the above mentioned skills will definitely help you to better your career in terms of content writer profession. There are a lot of things you can learn to succeed in content writing.

Get out of your shell and adapt the skills which your are lacking and hit the market.

Good Luck!!