Recruiting the right candidates who fit your company is not as easy as it sounds. Cold calling is an effective and must-know strategy for HR recruiters while implementing an effective recruitment process of any company. 

Effective cold calls help you find and attract more candidates for your company and help positively engage the candidate. This allows you to build a great brand image for your company in the market as a recruiter. All efforts are essential in this job market where it is a great challenge to find good candidates for suitable job roles.

A good recruitment process can save you the time involved in searching, hiring, and training candidates. It can streamline the whole procedure from start to end with cold calling. You can find good and qualified employees for your company.

This blog will tell you the main recruitment process steps for cold-calling candidates. You will also be able to understand why cold-calling candidate is an effective strategy, especially in these times when remote hiring process is on the rise. 

Effective cold calling steps 

There are some important steps that are unavoidable if you include a cold-call strategy in your recruitment process. Make sure you don’t miss out on these. 

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Engage the candidate

Recruitment is more or less like selling. Recruiters always try to avoid sounding dull or boring. This is because the candidate may not feel interested while on calls. 

As an HR recruiter, you have to communicate with energy and enthusiasm to transfer the same energy and motivate the candidate. Communicating with positive energy will increase the listener’s interest and boost engagement with the candidate. 

Consider making several calls daily, giving out enthusiasm, being energetic all the time, and looking lively on the call. It sounds more interesting, not dull. You get to communicate with many different people, radiate positive energy, and instill enthusiasm. 

It is vital to engage the candidate; after all, you are in search of energetic candidates who are the best fit for the job and want to join the company. So irrespective of the number of calls you make, the point is to engage your candidate. You never know; the right candidate might come with your energetic call and talk.

Follow Up

Follow-up is significant when you reach out to candidates for hiring them. The lack of follow-up is the biggest reason for losing potential candidates who can be an asset to your company. 

Recruitment sounds energetic on the first call to the candidate, informing them about the vacancy. This call mainly evaluates the candidate to identify whether or not they are a good fit for this job position or role. But the first call alone does not suffice, and that is why you need to follow-up. 

Some recruiters make cold calls, but candidates never back them. This is not appropriate behavior, and they lose the candidate’s interest to join the company. The job seeker might also share a bad experience on social network sites, negatively impacting the company. 

A follow-up call is an essential part of the cold calling strategy of the recruitment process, and it should be done delightedly. A follow-up call helps to build trust with the candidate. 

If you do not follow up with the candidate, they will find another job position or opening, and you will lose your candidate who is a good fit. 

Moreover, the candidate will be awaiting a response, and these will be important for them as well. So, in short, follow-up calls help to make a bond and benefit both sides. 


The purpose of the cold calling probe is to get full information about the candidate. An excellent recruiter call script should include probing questions designed to elicit information about the candidate’s background, experience, and talents. 

Sometimes, you may determine that the applicant is not a good fit during cold calling, so you do not ask any probing questions. But it is suggested to ask the questions as this will aid in creating a database and saving information about each candidate’s background for any other job openings. 

Call recording

Call recording also plays a vital role in the recruitment process. You can easily identify good calls and bad calls. 

Call recording helps you to be a successful recruiter. Call recordings are a valuable resource, and you should never underestimate their importance. Good calls teach us many benefits, and bad calls teach recruiters to improve more and work on bettering the recruitment process.

Why is cold-calling candidates a good strategy?

There are many reasons why cold-calling should be a strategy to be used in the recruitment process. 

Easily noticed

As people carry their phones with them nowadays, calls get noticed. Emails and messages tend to get missed out or get labeled as spam. 

When you call your candidate, they may answer the phone intuitively. You can leave a voicemail if the candidate does not answer the phone right away. They will be aware that someone is attempting to reach them in either case.

Memorable and efficient

Phone conversations are more memorable than other forms of remote communication. Your applicant may recall the call days, if not weeks, later. This boosts your chances of getting hired.

Furthermore, many people answer their phones or check their voicemails soon away. As a result, when you call, you get a faster answer. Picking up the phone also saves you time.

Calls are personal and help you judge a candidate

At the time of the pandemic, people are moving into a remote or hybrid work culture. And in-person interviews cannot be possible at times. In such a situation, calls are a way for the recruiters to understand the candidate better.

Many jobs also necessitate excellent verbal communication skills. Calls provide you the opportunity to evaluate that part of the prospect. You can tell whether the person can easily carry on a conversation and responds directly and appropriately to your questions. This will assist you in determining which occupations are best for the individual.

Maintain relationships with candidates

You must maintain a positive relationship with your candidates throughout the recruiting process. Phone calls allow you to connect with potential candidates. It helps you analyze the candidate’s unique strengths and weaknesses as a recruiter.

Because digital messages are too formal and can lead to lengthy chains of emails, it isn’t easy to actually get to know the candidate unless you speak with him on the phone.

Wrapping Up

After reading this blog, you must have understood the important steps that you should not miss while recruiting candidates through a cold-call strategy. You must also have realized the advantages of a cold-calling strategy as well. 

The manner in which you handle your phone conversation with a candidate will directly impact whether or not the person is invited for an interview or a job offer. Every phone contact is an opportunity to network and boost your company’s brand image, even if it does not always result in the desired consequence right away.

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