Developing your Web development career requires the right support. Whether you are just getting into the industry or you want to develop your career, you need to know how and where to look for the jobs that you want. 

Some people will choose to go straight to job listing sites or use channels such as LinkedIn to help them find roles that are suitable. But if you want to ensure you don’t miss out on the best roles when you’re looking for DevOps jobs, one of the best things you can do is use a tech recruiter. Working with a tech recruiter provides a range of benefits that can help you to find the right job with the salary that you want.

How can you start a career in web development?

If you haven’t yet started your web developing career, you first need to consider how to get into the industry. One option is to start off with a related bachelor’s degree, such as Computer Science. 

However, it’s definitely not essential to have a degree. The current tech skills shortage means that there are other ways to learn the skills that you need, and you can even discover very affordable or sometimes free bootcamp courses that will give you essential foundational knowledge.

You can choose to study while you work or take an intensive course. For web development, you should explore skills such as different programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Other key skills can range from good problem-solving skills to good communication. It’s helpful if you have something to demonstrate your technical skills, whether it’s a degree, diploma, course certificate, or portfolio of work.

Reasons to use a tech recruiter to find webdev roles

When you’re developing your web development career, working with a tech recruiter can get you where you want to be. They can help you to find your first web dev role or further your career by helping you to take the next step.

Tech recruiters know the industry

One of the best things about tech recruiters is that they know the industry better than anyone else. General recruiters might know a little about tech jobs, but they don’t specialize in the tech industry. 

A tech recruiter has experience in tech roles and understands everything ranging from the different certifications that are common and the programming languages expected to the sort of salary range you should be looking for.

A tech recruiter knows the jargon and the landscape of the industry. They won’t be confused by terms they don’t understand, and they’re much less likely to suggest unsuitable roles that aren’t a good fit for you. Millions of people use recruitment agencies to find work, and they can help you to land your first role or develop your career.

A tech recruiter can help you find the right role

Tech recruiters won’t just send you any tech or web development role that’s on their books. They work together with you to ensure they send the most suitable roles your way. They know how to match the right candidates to the right roles, so they can put you forward for roles that are most likely to meet your needs.

You can talk to a tech recruiter about what you’re looking for, what experience you have, and any requirements you have for the web dev role you want. When you submit your resume, they will look over it and take the time to understand it so that they can match you to roles that will help you to reach your goals.

You could be first to hear about great webdev jobs

When you’re competing with other people looking for the best web development roles, you don’t want to be put at a disadvantage. By looking for jobs in the wrong place, you might only be seeing what’s left over after the best roles have been snatched up. Tech recruiters often have the cream of the crop, and they can pass these roles on to you when you’re looking for a web development job that will further your career.

Using a tech recruiter can put you at the front of the line. Employers hire tech recruiters to find the best candidates for their roles, and they will often approach the candidates they’re working with before advertising the role.

Explore contractor roles and employee positions

A tech recruiter can help you to explore a range of web development roles, no matter what type of employment you’re looking for. If you want full-time or even part-time employment, they can give you the assistance that you need to find the right role. 

You can also find contractor roles with a tech recruiter, which can give you the option of earning more without having to tie yourself down to a particular employer for too long.

There are plenty of remote roles on offer, whether you want to work full-time or as a contractor. Working remotely offers convenience and flexibility, enabling you to explore a wider range of employment opportunities.

Get valuable career advice

Recruiters don’t just put tech roles in front of you. If you want to make sure you get the best web development role to help you further your career, a tech recruiter can also help you by giving you valuable advice. 

They can give you advice on your career in general, offer pointers for your resume, and tell you what sort of skills and experience employers are looking for. They will also help you to ensure you’re getting the best salary and benefits package when you’re looking for web development roles.

You can choose a tech recruiter that specializes in web development roles to help you find the right role for you. Not only will they understand the industry, but they will also have a great network that they can access to help you find a job.

Working with a tech recruiter could power up your web development career. You could find the role you want faster and even secure yourself a better salary too.


Tech jobs are in demand now, and open positions are only going to continue to become more available in the future. If you’re a tech professional looking for a new role, then you should be hopeful that you can land one fairly quickly. The upward growth trend for more jobs in these areas doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, so now is your chance to act.

Get in touch with tech recruitment companies like Motion Recruitment today so that you can learn more about their services and how they can help you land your dream job in the tech industry. In the meantime, you can begin working on obtaining the right education, skills, and experience to help you stand apart from the rest and ensure you get your foot in the door where you wish to work.

Whether you already work in tech or you’re looking for a career change, you could find your perfect role by aiming high. These in-demand jobs require a range of technical skills, as well as soft skills such as good communication and collaboration skills. 

Everyone needs to start somewhere, so even if you’re new to tech, you could start building the skills and experience that you need to secure one of these top-paying, in-demand jobs. Explore your options and decide on your next steps to find the right role.

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