In the present era of recruitment, it is being observed that recruiting candidates along with managing teams and closing deals is very difficult. Many organizations hire the agencies to recruit the best candidates for their company. If you are also doing the same, then all your struggles are  over.

Yes! CRM (candidate relationship management) is the only and best possible way to manage the early stages of the hiring professionals with all the candidates.

By using the right CRM tool you can easily  maintain and build healthy relationships with your clients along with the candidates and advance your HR skills too. Being an HR recruiter, I know how important it is to build comfortable and positive experience with the candidates. But all thanks to recruitment CRM, my HR career is much easier. 

It allows you to interact with candidates on a deeper level, collaborate more effectively, build flexible and dynamic career pages, accurately measure the performance of the source to hire efforts and actively seek and develop talent.

Are you excited to make the best of CRM for your recruitment team but don’t know which tool is right for you? Need not fret! In this blog, I will share some of the best CRM tools  by using which you can easily optimize your hiring process. 

7 Best CRM tools for optimizing hiring process 

Let’s begin…


The reason for listing the HubSpot tool at the top is because I am personally using HubSpot to manage my recruitment process along with doing marketing, sales and website development. This inbound and marketing sales platform not only allows you to grab visitors attention, generate leads, and convert into customers.  

Many of you might be thinking that HubSpot is only used for sales, marketing and customer service. No, it’s not the case. Along with the generation of leads, you can also generate applications 

With HubSpot, you can easily create pipelines, track the status of candidates, send emails, manage data, etc. under one umbrella.

 A single dashboard can help you keep a check on new candidates along with existing  employees. Also, it will allow you to conduct standard interviews along with the recruiting procedures. 

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based CRM system designed to manage the end-to-end hiring process for different types of businesses. The software aids in the streamlining of the entire recruitment process, beginning with candidate sourcing, resume management, application tracking, interview scheduling, and communication. 

Zoho Recruit has a plethora of features that meet the needs of staffing agencies of all sizes, different industry types, small and medium businesses, large enterprises, and more. 

Moreover, it also offers unique feature integrations such as the source boosters, hiring pipeline dashboard, semantic search, and advanced customizations that will help you to reduce your time-to-fill and cost-per-hire by saving time and effort.


GoHire is an applicant tracking system focused on small businesses that are looking for a cost-effective way to maximize their hiring potential. The company offers multi-site job listings to increase the number of potential applicants a company can receive from one job post.

The platform also has extra features such as candidate screening, candidate ranking as well as candidate messaging. The company aggregates all the data from all the job boards into one platform, making it easier to interact and interpret it in reports during the hiring process.

The user is able to analyze the candidate’s performance from the evaluation questionnaire. The product targets small businesses with limited human resource personnel looking to automate most of the major HR functions.

The setup for the platform is simple and complimented by an elaborate guide. If you’re looking for a comprehensive hiring solution that can post open positions across several platforms GoHire worth checking out. Just be sure to read the fine print on any deals or discounts before you commit!


RecruiterFlow is another CRM software which is commonly used by the recruitment agencies to manage candidate profiles, recruit people in a professional way, perform conversations, etc. No matter how big your website is, If you have recruiterflow software, you can easily automate the processes and stay productive. 

Moreover, email communication can also be managed by using the recruiterflow tool. Its strong email integration keeps all the recruiters upto date which further helps them to build strong relations with the candidates. 

So, if you want efficient workflows that prevent outreach from overlapping, then you can also use recruiterflow software. Also, start synchronizing your recruitment communications right away to give a boost to your hiring process. 


It is another platform that is used by thyer organizations for talent acquisition, engagement, and retention as it helps them in managing the candidates on every stage of talent lifecycle. Just on a single platform, you can perform different tasks. 

It would not be wrong to consider Beamery as a talent lifecycle management platform. Recruiting candidates through Beamery will not only save your time, but also helps you in strengthening your team collaboration along with managing your talent pool. 

So, what are you looking for? If you are looking for the best application tracking system on the market then you can always add in your bucket list. 


Do you want to transform the way you recruit? If so then you need to understand which CRM software is right for you. From the list of different CRM software, RecruitmentWorx is the one which is loved by many recruitment agencies. 

It is basically a cloud-based recruitment database by using which companies of different sizes can easily streamline and automate their processes. Also, it helps them to improve their efficiency and hire candidates actively and without investing much time. 

This tool also allows the recruiters to perform email integration, built-in text, candidate matching, resume parsing, website and job board integration, and many more. One additional and commonly loved feature of this tool is advanced reporting and analytics, which further helps them in understanding the performance and finding the right employee for the right profile. 


Last but not the least, recruitment CRM software which you can surely add to your bucket list is homerun. With this software, you can easily organize your hiring and make great impressions. It allows you to invite your entire team to join on hiring which will make it easy for you to connect with each candidate without facing any hassle. 

With Homerun, hiring can be more meaningful as its centralized dashboard, visual hiring pipeline and clear candidate profiles will help you perform each task without any hassle. So, jumpstart your emails by using the right templates without any duplicates. 

The Last Say

The profile of HR seems very easy to many people. But actually it’s not that case. Besides sharing the salaries to each candidate, one has to look for new candidates, existing candidates and many more.

If you are also in the same profile or planning to join, you might be wondering on how to manage all at once. 

That’s where CRM comes into picture. Indeed choosing the one from the list of thousands is not easy, but hopefully the above checklist will help you to make the right move. Want to begin your career as an HR or recruiter? Schedule your interview here right now.