Job interviews are always a huge headache for candidates. No matter how meritorious you are, you need to be confident about the mock interview too. Irrespective of your past experience, if you want to make a career in bidding, you need to prepare well. 

Choosing your career in bidding is not only about creating persuasive proposals; one needs to look at various things. That’s why organizations are looking forward to the best online bidder who can help them in generating high-quality leads. 

Most people look for candidates who are tenacious, driven and work with professionalism. If management finds such qualities in the candidate, then the chances of getting hired increase. 

Do you also think interviews are a daunting task? If so, then don’t miss going through the interview questions added below. All the questions that are added were asked during a bid manager interview. So, if you want to know my personal experience, keep reading… 

10 Most common online bidding interview questions

Q1. Introduce yourself briefly.

Ans. It is one of the most common questions that every marketer is looking for. Whenever you prepare your interview, make sure to cover out all the points that describe you as the best fit for the job title.

If you are able to get hired, you need to be highly confident while sharing your experience because many times, managers make their mind to hire by looking at the candidate’s confidence and the way they speak. 

Q2. What is online bidding?

Ans. It’s quite common that when we are planning to start a career in online bidding, then we should know what online bidding is all about. 

If you are asked about what online bidding is, then you can answer like online bidding is a vast field that allows people to buy a wide range of services on the internet through different bidding portals. And, the most top-notch advantage of this mechanism is that you can bid for your expertise/service from the comfort of your home.

By briefly explaining the term along with its advantage will give an interviewer an idea that you are aware of the field in which you are planning to make your career. 

Q3. How can we do online bidding?

Ans. One of the most common tasks that candidates have to perform is bidding online. So, there are very high chances that interviewers will ask for an online bidding process. 

So, before you appear for an interview, make sure you get familiar with different online bidding portals through which we can do the bidding, such as Upwork, freelancer, guru, fiverr, indeed, etc. Once you know the functionality of each portal, you can easily explain the online bidding process. 

Q4. Why do you wish to make your career as an online bidder?

Ans. If you are an experienced candidate, then the chances of this question are very less, but if you are a fresher, then there are 99% chances you will be asked this question. 

You can answer this question with I think I am a good fit for this job title because I have all the qualities that you are looking for. 

Note: Mention all the details that will be relevant to the job post so that the interviewer feels that you will be the right fit.

Q5. Have you ever used Upwork?

Ans. If I talk personally about my interview with the sales lead, then this was one of the questions on which I was highly focused.

This is one of the questions that totally depends upon one’s personal experience, so share your opinions on the same that yes or no with relevant explanations.

If you don’t have any experience with Upwork, then you can always go through it or can read some blogs before appearing for an interview for an online bidder. It will surely increase the chances of selection.

Q6. What are your weaknesses?

Ans. If you are asked this question, then try to be very careful while giving this answer because it will directly increase or decrease your chances of selection. 

While sharing the weaknesses, you need to ensure that it never creates a bad impression on HR. Try to showcase your weakness in a way that becomes a positive point for the team. 

Q7. What challenges have you encountered?

Ans. The main objective behind asking this question is to see how you determine and evaluate yourself. Also, they get to know how you respond to the challenges and what solutions you can consider getting the queries resolved. 

For this, think of this in advance, what have you found difficult in the last few months, and what action plan you can make to solve the issues. You can always share your past experiences to make the interviewer know that you are smart enough to find the right solution at the right time. 

Q8. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Ans. This question is all about commitment; this can be established to the interviewer if you are job hopping or committed as the interviewer is looking for candidates that have vision, goals, loyalty, and commitment. While answering this question, make sure you answer the question with honesty. 

Q9. Are you comfortable working in rotational shifts?

Ans. Once you have decided to go with a bidding career, then no matter if it will be a boy or a girl, you have to work as per the organization’s requirements, whether it will be early morning or late night.

As bidders have to coordinate with clients working in different time zones, that’s why companies always prefer hiring bidders who are always ready to work in rotational shifts. If yes, then you can definitely go with choosing this field. 

Q10. Why should you be chosen over other candidates?

Ans. This is quite easy question to answer. However, you must not try to undermine the other candidates or assume their skillset. Focus on your own talents and skills that you can offer with examples where you can!

Don’t talk about why the role will help you, just focus on how you will benefit the organization. Remember, the more you are beneficial for the organization, the easier it becomes to get hired. 

The Final Say 

Getting hired as an online bidder on the first attempt is not a cakewalk, but if you plan and strategize your interview process in a professional way, then you can easily get hired.

The above questions will surely help you in getting your online bidding interview done. So, get ready to start your career and get hired without any hassle. 

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