Hey, all you innovative artists out there!

You have chosen the most creative career,” Motion Graphics,” for your future endeavors, and believe me, you all have a bright future ahead.

Let me make you understand the motion graphic profession.

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The motion graphic profession is relatively fresh and a hot trade on the design front, and with the arrival of ongoing technology, this profession is in high demand.

Isn’t it an outstanding opportunity for you guys?

Being a motion graphic designer, you will get the opportunity to translate your creativity and imagination into a motion art piece to the audience. Additionally, you guys can create artwork for web, television/films, website/commercials, movie clip, title sequences, explainer videos, and much more.

Yes! It is interesting.
Animated Character

Apart from the excitement and knowing the facts, have you ever thought to get proficiency in any specific part of animation?

As every employer will ask you for a portfolio while interviewing. Therefore, you must get certified and join online animation courses delivered by the world’s top animator to gain expertise in the animation industry and improve your motion graphics skills.

To help out in this safari, I have jotted down top motion graphic courses which cover a range of level and teaching styles.

Let’s hop into the Courses.

Top Animation Courses Available Online

Mastering Character Design by Robert Huth

This course assists as a roadmap for understanding the discipline of character design. This journey will take 9 weeks to complete. The beginning of the course with a foundation in essential draftsmanship and escalating to figure drawing.

What will you learn?

  • You will get to learn the basic drawing techniques from the world’s best character designer.
  • Moreover, you will be given an assignment as homework because this course is designed to put concepts into practice and allows you to gain experience with drawing, observation, and design.
  • Besides, this course will help you in mastering the discipline of character design and the correct techniques that can drastically improve your designs and let you draw an outstanding character for your storyboards.

One can enroll themselves in mastering character design for $99 and can create the perfect design for the animation.

To all the newbies out there, it’s time to get out of your shell and make up your mind for the design course. Get ready to showcase your graphic design portfolio to the recruiter in your next interview.

Classical  Animation Workflow and Techniques

This course is aiming to let you know the traditional animation techniques. Initially, you will start with the fundamentals of basic concepts and progress to the character. You will be given 6 weeks to explore the entire course. Without having prior know

Furthermore, you will learn basic techniques, the process of animation. Also, you will learn how to accomplish the task before the deadline. This all turns you into a perfect animator. And at the end of the course, you will undoubtedly notice that.

Henrique Barone will guide you in this journey and make you understand the concepts of animation, which include:

  • Planning your shot
  • Breakdowns, In-betweens, and charts
  • Bouncing ball
  • Overlap and the wave principle
  • Flexibility and animation tricks

Directing Short Films

This 8-week course is outlined to inspire you and design more compelling films, no matter whether the films are personal or commercial.

Colin Hesterly would be teaching you the entire course with his classical approach to directing animation.

Learning this course would be fun, or at the same time, it becomes interesting.

What will you learn in this curriculum?

  • The brief including Introduction
  • The Script
  • Storyboards
  • Animatic
  • Color
  • Characters and worlds
  • Design Frames

UXinmotion- UI animation

In this UI Animation Fundamental with After Effects course, you will explore various concepts that are reeling around UI animation. Hence, it starts with creating professional animation from your designs, whether designs belong to Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, or Adobe XD.

The tools you will be learning in this course such as:

  • Choreography
  • Masking
  • Working in long-form
  • Iteration with the anchor point tool
  • Frame by frame analysis.

Furthermore, you’ll be studying in UX project-based environment and get to know about robust workflows and ways of establishing your projects to avoid common mistakes.

The UI animation course will cost you approx. $57.

Learn 3D Animation online- CG Spectrum

If you are serious about your career in 3d animation for film and games but don’t have knowledge of the same, don’t fret! You can join this excellent 3D animation online course and succeed in the next motion graphics interview.

This course is designed to teach you the essential fundamentals of 3D to become a 3D animator along with the 12 principles of animation, body mechanics, and how to rig your very own character.

In the duration of 6 months, this course assure you to teach all the critical elements of 3D. In the first half, you will get the opportunity to learn basic concepts of 3D animation, including how to use animation rigs to pose a character and set keyframes within Maya. And for your motion graphics portfolio, you can create a simple character walk-cycle.

In another part, you’ll start working on animating characters that will interact with their surroundings and how they deal with physical forces.

Stop Motion Course

Leading animator Chuck Duke mentors the six months Stop Motion Course. This motion graphics course offers you the techniques applied to execute a believable performance from a stop-motion puppet. Besides, the history of the stop motion industry and techniques and tricks practiced by the master will be discussed.

The prime focus would be the physical performance of the stop motion armature and timing, sense of motion, observation, acting, character, and lip-sync.

In a Crux

There are numerous online animation courses available for motion graphic artists taught by leading animators in the world. Hence, to meet the needs of the industry and get a better job, I would recommend you to opt for any of the online courses mentioned above for motion graphics certification.

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Happy Learning!!