Are you new to the sales world? Or looking for the right approach to make your day more smooth and productive as a sales person? If yes, then this article is for you. 

Indeed maintaining a balance between personal and professional life is something challenging for a salesperson. But, if you stick with me and create a proper schedule, then you can easily become a professional salesperson.

Starting your career in sales profile in a professional way is just about taking the right step at the right time. Once you go through career aspirations and follow proper tricks, then you can easily manage a team, attend client calls, close deals, etc. 

Now, without any further discussion, let’s take you through my journey as a salesperson. I Hope the tactics and strategies that I follow will help you to work in an aligned way and will give you the motivation to work harder. 

How to spend your day as a salesperson? 

Let’s begin.. 

Plan day in advance

The planning for tomorrow needs to start the night prior. Proper preparation leads to success. 

The night before, all the emails respond from clients, admin work, research on all the clients that one will be meeting the next day, and paper-pushing tasks need to be done. This way, the golden hours of 9-5 are spent on making Sales.

Respond faster

A quote from a self-made real estate millionaire was that “If you want to increase your income, respond faster.” Sometimes clients will not choose the team or person who is more technically qualified rather the person who has been the most communicative during the decision-making process for the clients. 

The answer to closing more leads is to reach out to as many people as possible and respond back to their comments, questions, or concerns as soon as possible. So every salesperson’s day needs to start off with responding to all the emails that they have received. 

Work on follow-ups 

Once the responses are sent, the sales person needs to start sending follow-up emails to all the emails that they have previously sent but have not received the response from. 

Grant Cardone, a famous billionaire investor, believes that one should never stop sending follow-ups. Until the prospect officially unsubscribes, follow-ups need to be sent out. The main recipe to converting Sales Qualified Leads to a Customer is proper nurturing. 

This nurturing can be done via emails, calls, or door knocking. The main point is follow-ups, and information needs to be sent until the client asks to stop.

Invest on meetings

After all the emails are sent, it is time to attend a meeting to close the deals. Before the meetings are held, it is very important that one looks their best. Even though one should not judge a book by its cover, it has become the norm to judge a person by their appearance.

So a salesperson needs to always make sure that they look their best and always have professional attire on, even if it’s a virtual meeting. Follow these blogs to know how to close clients.

Take required actions 

Once the meeting is completed, it is very important to take notes during the meeting and then send an email before the end of the day with the meeting minutes.

This reminds the client one more time about the discussion and demonstrates the salesperson’s organizational skills. 

Time to reevaluate

After all the meetings are, and emails are done, it is time to relax and reevaluate. It is the process of getting caught up with other Sales professionals on what worked for them and just learning about different sales techniques. 

These evaluations can be internal meetings between other salespeople or can be done via online research and training. At the end of the day, it is very important to never stop learning. 

Not just learning about the sales process but also about the product/service that one is selling. The more knowledge the salesperson is on the product/service that they are selling, the more appealing this seems to the potential buyer.

It shows that one is on top of their game and makes the prospect feel comfortable that they are in good hands.

Every salesperson needs to make sure that they are learning every day as they are the initial face of the business, so if they cannot respond to a client’s technical questions, then the prospect will not hire them.

The learning and reevaluation process then leads to the process of preparation for the next day to officially end the current working day.

The Final Say 

No matter whether you are planning to start your career as a sales professional or in some other field, you need to make sure that every minute that you are going to invest is properly planned.

And if you are into a sales career, then it becomes more important for you to understand each phase of your entire day and work accordingly. 

Because if you don’t strategize your day in advance, then you won’t be able to manage team and deliver the task that you aim for.  

Well! Working in sales needs resiliency and patience. If you are strong in both aspects, then you can easily start your career as a salesperson. 

So, keep up every day with lots of energy and hard work besides knowing what you have to do on the next coming day. 

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