Are you currently working as an HR or planning to make your career in this field? If you are already into it, then you might know the HR responsibilities and roles. If you are new to this field, Don’t Worry! I will make you familiar through this blog.

Human resource is one of the most terrific and responsible profiles because there are various decisions in the hands of HR, such as finding the right candidate for the organization, decision salary packages, managing conflicts and problems of the employees provide incentives, and many more.

If you are familiar with the HR tasks, you might be thinking about the major problem that HR might face while managing and performing their duties. Let me make you more clear. The shortage of skilled candidates is the biggest challenge faced by organizations. I know finding and hiring the right candidate is a difficult task that every HR has to go through.

So, if you are facing similar difficulties, then Don’t Worry! We are here to assist you. In this article, you will get to know about various job portals online through which you can hire talented candidates and enhance your business productivity.

Searching candidates through job portals is an outbound approach that might consume your precious time. If you want to save your valuable time and hire talented candidates, you can prefer the inbound recruitment process for the same.

Now, let’s take a rundown of the best online job portals or job platforms through which you can hire the right candidates quickly.

It is one of the commonly used online job portals in India, which is founded in the year 1997. With the increase in popularity, the accessibility of this online portal is also escalating day by day.

Approximately 49.5 million job seekers’ data is stored in the database of Most people prefer to search the trusted organizations on this portal and plan to continue with the same by reading various people’s reviews.

Moreover, HR recruiters can evaluate the candidate profile and can decide whether the applicant is fit for their company or not. They don’t need to put extra time searching for the right candidate.  


Linkedin is another online job seekers portal that helps HR recruiters in finding the right candidate for their company. By using this platform, candidates who are interested in availing the opportunity can get in touch with the human resource of any company through their LinkedIn profile.

Are you currently using LinkedIn? If not, then what are you waiting for? Go and make your account on Linkedin.


It is another online platform that is used by the aspirants and HR team to consult with each other and get all the queries related to the job. In this job portal, the resume and personal information of the people who have freshly completed their graduation or masters are uploaded.

So, If you are searching to hire freshers for your company, then it is the right source to use.

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Finding the proper remote employment is vital for people seeking flexibility, work-life balance, and workspace freedom. We have the solution if you’re sick of browsing generic job boards. Dedicated to bringing you the best remote job listings, Remotewokr is a platform that prioritizes your needs and delivers a seamless job search experience. Regarding remote job hunting, they have mastered the art of making it simple, efficient, and hassle-free. 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Remotewokr unique:

1. Direct Access to Top Companies: Remotewokr exclusively features job postings directly from companies. They have established partnerships with leading organizations across various industries, ensuring that you have access to the most relevant and up-to-date remote job opportunities. 

2. Simplified Application Process: Remotewokr believes in streamlining the application process to save time and effort. When you come across a job that matches your skills and interests, applying is as easy as a click of a button. There are no lengthy forms to fill out or personal data to provide on their platform. By clicking “Apply,” you’ll be seamlessly redirected to the company’s preferred application method, a direct link, or an email address. It’s a straightforward process that gets you closer to your remote career goals.

3. Respect for Your Privacy: Your privacy is paramount to Remotewokr. Unlike other platforms that collect and store your personal information, they take a different approach. Remotewokr does not collect candidate data, providing a secure environment to focus on your job search without concerns about privacy breaches or data misuse. 

Take the first step towards a fulfilling remote career by exploring Remotewokr today. Join the professionals who have found their ideal remote job through this exceptional platform. Your journey to a flexible and rewarding work-life balance starts here.

Monster India

Monster is one of the recognized job portals, which is used internationally by people to search for the best jobs without any challenge. It is started to help the human resource team since 2001. To elevate the number of employees in an organization, HR can take the help of Monster for searching the best employees for their company.

So, if you are searching to hire international employees, prefer using the Monster online job portal.


It is one of the second largest job portals in India, which is founded in 2008. If you are searching to hire candidates directly through your mobile phones, then shine is the better option to start with.

Shine also helps you gather more candidate information added over social media because it integrates with the social media network. So, through the shine platform, you can search for the ideal employees very conveniently.

As the name suggests, the site includes the information of the people who wanna work as a freelancer. You can search the employees of different profiles like content writing, web designing, web development, graphic designers, application builder, digital marketer, bidders, and many more over this particular portal.

If you are searching for creative and impressive talent for freelancing work, then you can contribute your efforts while seeking candidates for the right fit.

First Naukri

Are you searching to hire candidates for the best entry-level jobs in the IT/software industry, banking, marketing, etc.?

If Yes! Then the first Naukri is the perfect portal to use. Moreover, if you want to hire college students and recent graduates for your company, then you have the best option to continue because it is one of the biggest job portals in India.

It is one of the other most popular job platforms which is used by the hiring team of various companies. This online portal offers a listing of multiple jobs such as Development, marketing, and many more.

In this portal, there are different categories for part-time jobs, freshers, interns, regular, etc. You can directly select one category for which you want to hire talented candidates.

Over to You

Hopefully! All the mentioned above job portals are enough for you to influence and engage talented candidates for your company without putting in the extra effort.

You don’t have to search for the individuals one by one as you can directly click on the respective job portal links and examine the employees to escalate your business productivity and workforce.

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