Being in the field of recruitment, I have analyzed that many recruiters who have started their career in HR spend a lot of time in finding different candidate profiles and preparing a list of people to call. 

Well! Hiring the right people for the right profile is what every HR recruiter aims for. Despite knowing the fact that candidates get attracted to organizations that have effective customer contact operations, HR recruiters do not focus on call-handling tasks. 

Do you know that answering the candidates on a phone call in a polite and effective way is the foundation of a successful recruitment campaign? 

Well! If you are reading this blog, you probably might be planning to start your career in HR or looking forward to the ways that can help you boost your recruitment strategy. No matter what the case may be, this blog will surely help you in hitting your goals. 

Here I will be sharing some skills by developing which you can easily make the first call to candidates more effective.

Tips to Improve call handling skills

Let’s begin…  

1- Know the company products and services

If you have detailed knowledge about your clients and company, then it will be easy for you to build an interest in the candidates. 

When you are working for one position, get all the details about those clients you have been working for, what are the client and management expectations from the candidates and which type of projects you are working on, what services the company offers to their clients, etc. It is also important to introduce the company quickly with a brief intro.

If the candidate says he knows the brand or company name, you can move further and pitch all required details. This will make the entire recruitment process simpler and help you close more deals. 

2- Understand the job description and job profile

Whenever you make the first call to the candidate, make sure you have knowledge about the job profile which you are searching for in your company and know the job responsibility of the respective. 

Because many times it is seen that letting people know their job profile in detail builds their trust. It will not only help you to hire the candidate but also makes it really easy to find the right candidate.

This will save your time and help you recruit first calls to identify the good and capable candidates for your company. So, before you go on a call, make sure you do proper study about the job that you are actually trying to sell. 

3- Make your opening call impressive

You need to understand that a few minutes can decide whether the deal will be closed or not. If you focus on the way you communicate with the candidate, then it becomes easy for the candidate to decide whether the call is worth it for them or not. 

So, whenever you get the call opening, make sure you keep the below points in mind- 

Introduce yourself

While you make calls to any candidate, introduce yourself with your name, brand name, etc. In every call, the permission and purpose of calling should be clear. Once you introduce yourself, don’t forget to ask whether the candidate is interested in the same or not. 

Show professional courtesy

When you make the call to any candidate, please show professionalism on your call; this makes a good impression on every candidate. Also, it will increase the chances to make conversions. 

Don’t make the opening too long

It is one of the most common mistakes that HR recruiters make. They keep on explaining for a long time just because they think that it will generate candidate trust. If you also think the same, then it’s time to strategize your plan. 

Try to give a short brief about yourself in 1 minute and then get straight to the point. You need to understand that the first few minutes decide the relationship with the candidates. So, focus on your conversation and the first couple of lines.

Speak clearly

While you make a call, you need to be highly conscious of the network. Whenever you speak, you should be clearly audible to the candidate so that he/she can respond to it easily. Also, it will help you to understand the candidate better. 

Be enthusiastic 

If you are planning to get started in an HR career, make sure you bring energy to your voice. Try not to be aggressive when having a conversation with the candidate. The more you focus on your voice, the better you achieve the result. 

4- Understand the candidate interest and skills

Whenever you reach the candidate on a call, make sure you know the basic skill set for the required position along with the candidate’s career goal. By evaluating both areas, you can make the decision of whether the candidate is the right fit for the position or not. 

Rather I would say, do not waste your time on the candidates whose profile has no value to the position you are looking for.  

5- Engagement with the candidates

If you want to improve the productivity of your calls, then you need to ensure that each candidate with whom you go on a call gets engaged with you.

You can ask some entertaining questions to the candidates that may engage them in the conversation. So, if you want to be a good recruiter, make sure you never miss getting engaged with the candidate anytime. 

6- Follow Up and ask for referral

Last but not the least, tip that can help you in improving call handling is follow-up and referral.

Adding a personal touch to all the follow-up calls will make the candidates walk on the positive impression if they don’t get the position; job seekers never hear back from the recruiter after the first time of contact. It’s always worth recruiting the best people around.

Say if the respective candidate is not interested or you feel that he/she doesn’t fit for the role, then you can always ask for a referral. It will also help you in building a strong bond with others. 

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The Final say

Call handling is one of the tactics that will help you in building a strong bond with the candidates and increase the probability of hiring talented people in the team. Normally recruits do not focus on calling skills, but actually, they should realize that getting hands-on recruitment is something that can make or break your recruitment process

Indeed, there are various skills on which HR recruiters need to work, but hopefully, the above checklist will help you earn candidates’ commitment. 

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