Every aspirant wants to choose a viable career option to get success in this competitive world. If you wish the same, you need to upgrade your skills and knowledge. You always have be ready to learn new technologies to open doorsteps to take advantage of new opportunities in this corporate world.

Have you recently completed your graduation or masters and currently hustling to choose a growing career option? If Yes, then make your next move to HubSpot management. Choosing a HubSpot management career will help you grow until you are ready to jump into the next curve.

Today, almost everything is done digitally, putting marketers at the topmost priority. Organizations take the help of marketers to track and manage all their day-to-day activities. And, HubSpot is a renowned name in the marketing world.

Various career opportunities come under the category of HubSpot management. Let’s take a rundown at some of them:

  • Content Manager
  • Sales manager
  • Email and social media Marketer
  • Performance analytics
  • Contact manager (CMS manager)

Moreover, getting into HubSpot career will help you to raise your bucks and get a unified position in this business world. Getting HubSpot certifications could easily help you excel in your career. 

Now, you might be thinking about what are the roles and responsibilities that you have to perform while getting into one of the career opportunities of HubSpot management. If yes, keep reading this article to get an in-depth knowledge about various career opportunities in HubSpot Management.

Top career opportunities of HubSpot Management

Let’s get started.

Content Manager

Content is the most crucial part of marketing because good content helps organizations attract visitors and generate more traffic. Due to the high demand for content, management always prefers to hire good content writers. Therefore, if you plan to become a full-fledged content writer, you have a better option to start with.

Writing the content related to HubSpot like HubSpot CMS, HubSpot CRM, etc. will offer excellent salary packages and will also help you to upgrade your knowledge associated with HubSpot- all in one sale, marketing and service automation tool.

If you are planning to make your career as a HubSpot content manager, then have a look at the roles and responsibilities of a HubSpot Content Manager.

  • Responsible for writing, editing, and most updated content on the site
  • Keep the information fresh
  • Assign and collect content from the team members before the actual deadline
  • Check whether the new aspirant who appeared for content writing is a good fit for the company or not
  • Monitor the team and keep motivating them
  • Make a proper content strategy
  • Always deliver the content after proof-reading, checking grammar and plagiarism

Indeed, HubSpot content management is an evergreen field as per career prospect. So, you have an excellent opportunity to avail. Don’t miss it!

Sales manager

A sales manager is another profile which you can opt to become a successful team leader. If you are thinking of becoming a HubSpot sales manager, you first need to establish and discover sales and management responsibilities and skills. This will help you answer all the questions in the interview and get hired at the reputed position.

Let’s dive into the roles and responsibilities of a HubSpot Sales manager.

  • Should have a deep understanding of HubSpot tool
  • Should know how to keep the revenue engine running
  • Should have negotiation skills
  • Responsible for brand promotion
  • Generate more leads to the organization
  • Have good communication skills and work within the company’s core values.
  • Should have the ability to prioritize the tasks and manage the time effectively

If you have all these skills and knowledge, you would be preferred more while giving an interview for the profile of a HubSpot Sales manager.

Email and social media Marketer

As per the conducted research, 3.48 billion people are using social media. Therefore, companies prefer to attract, engage and delight the new customers through email marketing and social media.

Have you ever thought about who will manage social media and email marketing to generate more traffic to the website? Well, email and social media marketers handle all the tasks related to email and social media.

Getting hands-on HubSpot will help you grow better because if you choose email and social media marketing as your career then, you will get tremendous opportunities and would also get a chance to learn latest technologies.

But, before you jump the gun, have a look at the roles and responsibilities of an email and social media marketer. You should know:

  • How to create a social media marketing strategy and campaign by implementing the best schedule.
  • HubSpot Marketing tool in detail.
  • Various tools which help you to analyze which social media channels have the highest traffic.
  • Responsible for optimizing company pages and increasing the visibility of a company’s social content.
  • How to promote brand products and services.
  • Analyze the target audiences of your company.

If you lack in some of the points mentioned above, then you can perhaps go for HubSpot certification, and prepare yourself to crack the interview in the first go.

Performance analyst

To grow the business productivity, it is essential to evaluate the performance and build trust with the audiences. To fulfill this business desire, organizations hire a performance analyst to get updates regarding which page is highly in demand and which web pages need to be ranked at the top.

In HubSpot agencies, there is always a place for a performance analyst. So, choosing it as your career will open up ample opportunities.

If you are looking to grab this opportunity, then you must focus on the following points:

  • Get familiarize with HubSpot reporting tool
  • Know various and appropriate analytics tool
  • Should know how to enhance productivity and determine which products will meet the customers need
  • How to prepare reports and evaluate outcomes
  • You should know how to analyze financial and other data like revenue, employment reports etc.
  • Should have practical knowledge about information systems for users perspective, etc.

If you are planning to start your career as a HubSpot analyst, you are on the right track. Strategize and upgrade your skills and prepare your resume accordingly.

Contact manager

Every day various contacts are added to the database of the company. Have you ever thought about who is responsible for handling all the HubSpot data at the backend? The contact manager, also known as CMS manager, is responsible for managing the data and checking whether the contact helps escalate the business growth.

Therefore, HubSpot agencies always prefer to hire a trusted candidate for the contact manager profile because they are provided with almost all the credentials of the database.

Are you willing to start your career from the most preferred profiles? If Yes, then take a look at the job responsibilities of the contact manager before you land into the professional world.

  • Have a good understanding of the HubSpot marketing tool
  • Excellent evaluation and analytical skills
  • Should have skills to manage the records and documents
  • Know how to customize the fields in HubSpot
  • Facilitate campaign monitoring, etc.

Over to you

I hope now you have gotten a clear picture of what HubSpot career has in store for you.

If you have decided to make your career in HubSpot, I recommend you do HubSpot certification and add it to your resume. As becoming HubSpot certified will help you get more preference during the initial screening process. 

Once, you are fully prepared, you can schedule your interview on the webdew career page and upgrade your management skills with HubSpot Diamond partner agency.

Good Luck!