It’s well said that-

“Better is the human Resource more is the business productivity and higher is the employee’s retentivity.”

Human Resource is one of the most vital assets of every organization because there are various decisions in the HR’s hands. If you want to work as an HR professional, then you need to raise your ranks by doing the right certifications and courses at the right time.

Are you familiar with the HR certifications for professionals? If not, don’t fret! Because, in this article, I will share the most knowledgeable certification and courses that will help you upgrade your skills and build a basic understanding of the Human Resource profile.

But before discussing top certifications, you need to understand the importance of certifications for HR professionals. So, let’s dive in!

Understanding the value of being certified in Human Resource

Certification is proof of your knowledge or evidence that you have expertise in the respective field.

As per a survey conducted by the HR certification institute, the majority of HR professionals believes that being certified is crucial, as it:

  • Helps you to sharpen the skills
  • Keep you updated with the knowledge
  • Sharpens your skills
  • Helps you to get a job easily
  • Strengthens your resume
  • Increases your confidence while doing the job
  • Build a good impression in front of the interviewer and many more.

Now, without any further discussions, let’s dive into the essential courses and certification for HR professionals, beneficial for each individual looking to pass the HR interview in the first attempt.

Top Certifications and Courses in Human Resource

Let’s get started

SHRM Certified Professional

SHRM stands for the Society for Human Resource Management, which offers two different certifications based on competency. It includes:

  • SHRM-CP (certified professional)
  • SHRM-SCP (senior certified professional)

The main focus behind providing this certification is to help the HR professionals while implementing the company’s strategies and policies, deliver the services to the employees, perform operations functions, and serve as a point of reference to all the team members efficiently.

By doing this certification, you will learn various concepts related to ethical practices, navigation, and leadership, relationship management, global and cultural effectiveness, business acumen, communication and consultation, analysis performance metrics, developing organizational goals, etc., in detail.

To get SHRM Certified, you will get 4 hours to complete 160 questions related to your knowledge and situational judgment.

Eligibility chart to become SHRM certified:


Candidates who have not done bachelor’s degrees

Candidates who have completed their bachelor’s

Candidates who have completed their graduation


3 years of experience as an HR

1 year of experience as an HR

Currently working as an HR


6 years of experience as an HR

4 years of experience as an HR

3 years of experience as an HR

Professional in Human Resource

HR certification institutes offer professional human resource certification to educate people about different HR practices like program implementation, operational orientation, US laws, and regulations with some tactics.

HR professionals who receive this certification can be promoted to higher HR positions like director of Human Resources quickly.

There are approximately 175 multiple choice questions in this certification, which you need to complete in 3 hours, and is valid for three years. Remember that if you want to do recertification, then you need to give the exam again.

If you wish to do this certification, then you must have at least-

  • 1-year experience as an HR with a master degree
  • 2 years of experience as an HR with a bachelor’s degree.
  • 4-years of experience as an HR with a high school diploma.

Senior Professional in Human resource

It is another certification offered by HRCI, which you can do to enhance your skills and upgrade your knowledge related to HR roles and responsibilities. It is specially made for the candidates who want to be hired for the senior HR manager position.

If you are SPHR certified, it can be said that you have mastered the strategic and policy-making aspects of HR. By doing this certification, you can analyze the bigger picture of the HR department, leading to increased business efficiency.

There are approximately 175 multiple choice questions in total, for which you will get 3 hours in total.

Fee structure:

  • Application Fee= $100
  • Exam Fee= $495

This certification is valid for three years, so you must earn 60 recertification credits or retake the exam if you want to remain certified.

Associate Professional in Human Resource

Associate Professional in Human Resource is a global certification that is framed to educate the professionals who want to make their career in the HR field.

By doing this HR certification, you will learn both operational and theoretical tasks related to workforce management and human resources.

Moreover, to become associate professional certified, you need to pass a computerized exam covering approximately 25 pretest questions and 100 multiple-choice questions. You will get 2 hours to complete this whole test.

Similar to other certifications, it is also valid for 3 years and can be maintained by getting 45 recertification credits, or you need to appear for the exam again.

Few more Words

So, if you want to be an experienced, dedicated, credible and competent HR professional, you should definitely do the certifications for HR professionals according to the role and position for which you want to appear.

I hope all the discussed information will help you to gain a lot of knowledge about various HR certifications for professionals with their features.

You might wish to find maximum savings and gaining more knowledge, keep your eye on the discussed HR certifications and perform HR roles and duties properly.

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All the best for the future!