As we all know that this pandemic “COVID-19” has caused a surge in remote work, moved digital transformation, and prompted a great focus on employee engagement and experience. Being an HR, I would like to share my experience.

Employers are concerned about their employees and taking note of their issues and concerns. Being an experienced IT Human Resource professional, it is a noticeable fact that many executives increased their frequency of listening to feedback since the work from home culture began.

In the past 2020, the Human Resource department was hit hard, digital transformation was a challenge, and Indian audiences were habitual of making engagement face to face. Carry forward the entire end-to-end recruitment cycle, Learning and development, employee engagement, and Compensation & Benefits to a digital platform made organizations go at ease.

Due to huge fluctuations in the requirements of employers, employees, and clients, it is becoming important for HR to boost their skills and tough to get hired in this pandemic. Well! If you are planning to start your career in human resources, it’s time to hone your coaching skills and hit the targets.

So, without any further discussions, let’s dive into some tips that will help you revamp your HR career post-Covid-19.

  • Good hand holding on digital platforms
  • Innovation is a tool
  • Power of Emotional Intelligence/EQ
  • Grow along with Artificial intelligence
  • Talk & Solve

Now, let’s discuss each point in detail to get a clear idea.

Tips to Revamp your HR Career Post Covid-19

Let’s begin…

Tip-1 Be a Tech Savvy

Human resource involves a copious amount of data; hence we always talk about MS office tools. It’s a lifetime learning and will help at any stage.

But after the 2020 pandemic, we understood that MS Office is powerful, but HR-specific software is a better choice. If you have worked on software like Workday, SAP Success Factors, Gusto, GreytHR, PeopleHR, etc., then feel happy to call yourself “HR Techie”.

Moreover, having a deeper understanding of these software will not only improve your annual performance but also helps you manage your tasks in a professional way.

While it may sometimes seem like a headache, once you start using it in your daily route, you will surely notice a huge difference in your productivity. Also, you will get more preference than others in getting hired.

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Step-2 Innovation is a tool

If you want your employer to count on you and hire you as an HR of his(er) organization, then it is important for you to be updated in all the aspects besides designing new strategies, developing new trends, implementing new actions, etc.

HR is a field that not only handles the internal team but also has to hire fresh talent that can take their organization to the next level.

Therefore, it is vital for the HR department to keep themselves updated with the new innovations to become the best for the organization. Always remember, the more you keep yourself updated in all the aspects, the easier it becomes to get hired as an HR.

Step-3 The Power of Emotional Intelligence/EQ 

The human resource department is all about understanding the psyche of employees. EQ helps HR to understand insights into employee’s learning and development.

If an HR aspirant understands the four attributes of EI well, he/she can best achieve the desired results and get hired. It includes Self-awareness, Self-management, Social-awareness and Relationship management.

So, if you want to get placed in the best company as an HR, I would recommend you to work on these four attributes. It will surely make it easier for you to break into a career in human resources.

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Step-4 Growth along with Artificial intelligence 

Digitalization in the human resource department is changing everything, from core functions like hiring and developing talent to raising performance. Therefore, it is becoming more important for HR to grow along with artificial intelligence, especially in this work-from-home time.

Organizations are preferring HR candidates who have a good understanding of AI as it will not only reduce human basis but also improves their work efficiency. So, make sure you prepare for all these technologies before appearing for an interview.

Step-5 Talk & Solve  

Communication is the base of any department, especially HR. Well! It is the foremost key to understand human behavior. Proper and clear communication is always required for an organization to grow.

No matter what department you get into, communication methods like emails, calls, messages, etc. should be transparent and to the point. One on One interaction is always a front-end role of HR professionals. Correct process, good decision making, and self-confidence will lead you to solve any complex situation.

So, if you want to get a brighter career path in HR, make sure you work on your communication skills. Because in this work-from-home time, everyone is facing a communication gap and sorting all the things HR needs to be a good decision maker having excellent HR skills.

The Last Say

The beauty of technology is that it is allowing us to have a Webex call, Meet, or a Zoom call to have meetings of 100 or more people, and they are able to break out into small group sessions.

Software like Clickup, Slack, time doctor etc. made the operations more efficient. Employees are happy to adapt the work ethics from work from home culture. Great is that the trust of the employers towards their employee’s productivity has increased, and they are happy to use employee benefits platforms and announce the new work from home culture after the pandemic as well. So, Hr profile is a great choice to start your career in.

Hopefully, the above tips will help the visitors to develop, expand or build the HR skillset and get hired with good salary packages.

Less human handling and more digital!

Editor – Divya Verma