HR has for quite some time been seen as a female-dominated profession, and women do, undoubtedly, represent most of its workforce. Now, the question is, why are only fewer men interested in this profession? 

Well, Human Resource Management (HRM) as a career option is a popular choice among management students. However, there is a whole lot of debate about whether a man can be a better human resource manager. Well, the role does require a number of relationship-building skills.

And, as the role of HR continues to evolve, post covid-19, it has, in fact, become an attractive field for anyone, irrespective of gender. So, if you’re a man and are weighing a career in HR, don’t let the high ratio of women discourage or intimidate you. Opportunities are easily available, and the changing attitude about the role of HR in an organization will only drive more men in the field.

Does gender really matter in this field?

This was a significant factor that made me think twice before pursuing an MBA major in HR. A lot of my friends, mentors, and fellow batchmates told me that this profile best suits the woman. Why? 

Well, the HR profession requires candidates with good people skills, and women tend to shine in these skills. Besides, there are so many other aspects of women that help them in their HR careers. However, men too possess some unique qualities that help them become good HR professionals.

While men too hold their EQ level, women often tend to show more advanced empathetic and interpersonal skills, both of which are required to resolve conflicts, manage employees, and negotiate contracts.

However, HR professionals do much more than just ‘take care of employees’. As a matter of fact, both genders, in general, tend to hold two different unique skill sets required in HR.

So how might this affect men hoping to enter the HR field? For starters, you should see it as a positive sign that there are no actual boundaries to prevent you from applying in the HR career field.

In a nutshell, both men and women can equally excel in this field; all that matters is your knowledge and skills to manage the crucial human resource of the organization. 

Qualities that a man should possess as an HR 

Technically sound

It’s 2021 and the second year of organizations working from home. Human resources are growing into a more data-driven and technology-oriented field. So, you have to leverage both existing and new HR technologies to be more efficient and precise in day-to-day operations.

Good observation

Conducting interviews and screening of candidates is perhaps one of the major responsibilities of HR. Finding the right talent for the organization expects an HR manager to read the body language and expressions of the candidate, apart from their communication skills.

People do not usually speak what they really want to. So HR  needs to understand what the candidate really wants to say based on their expressions and body language. And, with the current remote hiring process, one needs to have this skill.


As an HR, you need to plan for the future of your workplace, identify potential threats and opportunities for drawing and retaining the best talent. Besides, you need to think of ways to make positive changes to your organization’s culture. 

So, if you want to stand out, show that you have integrity and instinctively care about people.

Communication skills

It’s no surprise that the best HR professionals are excellent communicators and influencers. They communicate with ease and are additionally capable and prepared to work with change adequately.

Straight forward

Now, why straightforward is a quality here? Well, HR often needs to be very formal and transparent regarding the organization’s policies. Sometimes people misjudge a straightforward person as impolite or impatient. However, keeping it honest and direct is a great thing in the long run.

A good sense of humor

A sense of humor is an attitude that has the power to transform your life. It makes everything more exciting, even in times of stress and boredom. It helps reframe problems that may feel like dead-ends and turn them into something you can definitely work around with.

Of course, your sense of humor is not really going to solve your problems, but it can surely help you handle them in a much better way.

Be ethical

Being an HR, you will handle classified information and delicate issues varying from employee medical conditions and performance obstacles to legal affairs. In that case, you need to show that you are a trusted, ethical person. 


An HR needs to have good negotiation skills. Excellent negotiations add significantly to business success, as they:

  • Help build better relationships.
  • Deliver lasting, good quality solutions — rather than inadequate short-term ones that do not meet the needs of either party.
  • Help you avoid future obstacles and conflicts.

Be ready to help

The degree of motivation of an organization’s workforce depends on their satisfaction level with the work culture prevailing within the workplace. A proactive HR professional, who is always willing to help others with a smiling face, can in a significant way help to resolve the grievances of the staff.

Be diplomatic

For any HR professional, it’s essential to be diplomatic with his or her day-to-day work. It is possible you may not like a particular co-worker; however, you have to be ready to resolve any problem faced by that person. So, you need to be good at controlling their frustration better and, therefore, dominating this profession.

Final say

Do you think you are fit for this role? Do you think you can succeed as this HR professional? Of course, you can. So, step out and start looking and applying for HR jobs. Believe me; it is one of the most fulfilling professions. 

So, leave all the myths and misconceptions behind and start applying for your dream career path. Good-luck!

Editor: Richa Sharma