Upwork is the leading online work board that is unequivocally specially crafted to connect advisors with associations that search for capable organizations. As we all know, getting a job on an Upwork is quite a task and frustrating. Even sales teams use Upwork to attract clients. 

So I am writing this blog to help all such people out and share my experience of how I got my first job as a freelancer. Due to the pandemic, many people got unemployed, which is a great way to start working as a freelancer.

So first things first…

How to create a profile on Upwork?

Making an attractive profile that appeals to clients is the first thing to do on Upwork. Your profile is one of the most crucial factors on Upwork. Your profile on Upwork is like your resume, which makes the very first impression on the recruiter.

Did you know that nearly one-third of jobs on Upwork are invite-only, which means that many clients search for freelancers with the skill they need and invite them to bid on their career?

When you begin working away at Upwork, you will see a ‘My details’ tab in the find work menu choice where you can see every one of the insights connected with your Upwork profile, for example, how frequently your profile has been found somewhat recently. It likewise has a chart that addresses what your profile sees.

You most certainly need to check this tab as you are working on a profile since it shows your profile culmination. 100% profile fulfillment is likewise a necessity for the top-of-the-line status on Upwork so you can comprehend the reason why finishing your profile is basic.

Upwork has wholly redesigned the profile layout, and there are a lot of new badges. Each badge has different requirements.

Have a good looking profile picture

A profile picture is the first impression of a person, so it is the first thing a client clicks on while going through tons of job applications. Clients usually click on your profile because of your profile picture, title, and two-three lines of introduction.

Your profile picture must be clear and high resolution, with a smiling face and a decent background. For instance: The client is going through various job applications, and now he has to choose between a blank look or a smiling one; which one do you think he would prefer.

Profile title

A profile title must describe your skill set. For instance: I’m a motion graphic artist, so I will add this keyword to my profile so that people pay attention to my profile whenever they look for a motion graphic artist.

Profile video

When you open your profile, you will see a video play button just beneath your profile pic, which is planned so that client can meet you. When a client comes to your page, they can tap on the play button with the goal that the client can get an opportunity to see you, hear you talk, and realize you more before meeting you.

All you want to do is record a brief video of yourself discussing your abilities and the administrations you offer. It needn’t bother with being a long video; keep it 5-minutes or less. Center around the worth that you give to clients.

A great introduction video will build your opportunity to get your incredible work massively.

Profile Overview

One must be creative in the first two lines of their profile and try to explain your services and skills and how you will provide Value to your clients.


Make your accessibility recorded according to client needs and make your accessibility precise to how much work you can take on.


To be successful, you don’t need a college degree; list your degrees here and all the certifications you have.

Client reviews

When you snatch your incredible work and convey it according to the client’s prerequisites and attempt to get your clients to give you criticism for your work, it fundamentally helps you expand your profile evaluations. 

Thus, remember that to get a 5-star rating, you need to offer some incentive to your client.

Work portfolio

You can find this section at the bottom of your profile to feature the work you have done beyond the Upwork or perhaps the job you have accomplished for your organization while you are taking care of your business or entry-level position.

Keep updating your profile

You must update your profile, just like you update your skillset.

How to find the right jobs and apply fast?

One must apply for the job as soon as the job is posted, within a few minutes, so that the client may shortlist you. As a beginner, you might need a competitive advantage to get the job. 

So to apply fast and to relevant job posts, you can add filters that will make it easier for you to find jobs.

Check activity and client history

Before applying for any job, one must check the client’s history or background. You can also get more info about the client from the client’s work history section, which is at the bottom of the area when you click on the job. 

You can get the client’s name and the organization he was working for and the review of the previous freelancer with whom the client has worked.

Write a winning job letter

The format of your job letter plays a vital role in grabbing your first job. You must be creative and must not copy it from somewhere else. These are some main points that I consider while writing a cover letter.

  • Grab attention and hook the client fast.
  • Be creative and think from the client’s perspective.
  • Provide samples of your work that directly relate to the client’s job.
  • Provide the client data and proof that you can be trusted for the job.
  • Tell the client what makes you different from others.
  • Give the client a reason why hiring you is best for them.
  • Cause the client to take action.

Provide value to the client

One must work hard enough and try to deliver beyond the client’s expectations, even if it requires more hours to pour in. You must try to have it per the client’s requirement and provide Value to them. Try to put yourself in their shoes and think from the client’s perspective.

Consistency, work ethic and motivation

One must be consistent and must update their client about the work regularly. It would help if you stuck with your work ethic and must work according to the client’s requirements. Don’t count the labor hours, and try to measure how much Value you have provided the client.

One Quote which I want to share with you guys which motivates me a lot while working is:

 “There are no working hours for winners.”

Closing words

I hope this blog will be helpful for you guys. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start your freelancing at Upwork today!

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