Does the urge to write, call you often?

If yes, it’s time to re-write history, discover the present beautifully, and predict a fantastic future. If you have that passion for writing, then content writing is perhaps the right career choice for you. If you are considering content writing as a career, then don’t think twice and seize the opportunity with both hands.

Most successful content writers these days have an enviable life, they seldom go to the office and work from the places they are most comfortable at and work as much as they want, but the vast majority have a hard time making a living writing contents. They just don’t have the desired content writing skills necessary for them to succeed.

So to become a full-fledged content writer, you need to have the complete tools required to market your pieces. 

9 Secrets Revealed: How to Become a Successful Content writer?

So, you have finally made up your mind to become a content writer? Well, then let me share the 9 secret tips for a bright Content Writing Career. Let’s dive in!

#1 Originality is what Matters

Being unique and raw is synonymous with being original, impacting your reputation, and is a mandatory aspect from an SEO point of view.

Sometimes, it seems crazy to bring out something unique while hundreds of articles are already present over the web on the same topic. Unlikely, it’s much easier as every writer can depict his talent with his eccentric voice of writing, thus, putting a new light on that overworked subject.

Search Engine crawlers have robust algorithms capable of detecting copied or duplicate articles, which is bad for SEO and employers, but it will be worse for you and your reputation. One may also suffer to get penalized.

#2 Research Skills have a Great Roleplay

Yes, indeed! Your research and analytical abilities give you an upper edge over others and thereby enhance your chances of becoming a successful content writer.

Research is a vital part of content writing and is perhaps the most challenging task too. Research may include topic research, statistics research, Keyword research, and much more, which might become depressing as digging deep and getting quality data isn’t a cakewalk.

With good search and research dexterities, you can find facts and figures, reports, case studies, statistics, and the latest trends and news that would make your piece of writing a valuable and knowledgeable one. 

#3 The Start and the End are the Turning Points

Whenever a person reads something, he tends to remember only three primary things:

  • The Beginning
  • The Extraordinary
  • The Finish

The opening of your article must be remarkable so that it catches the reader’s interest and keeps him reading beyond. Prefer adding the latest trends/facts/infographics, which force the person to come down to the body of the post/blog and finally leave by reading your convincible conclusion.

Never outweigh the stigmatization of an article as it is as significant as your introduction and has the power to explain the maximum in the minimum word limit.

#4 Readability Checks are a Necessity

Readability is proportional to understandability that decides whether your article will be read or not. Complexity is always unwelcomed, and the same goes with the words you apply to explain the concepts in your blogs.

Your piece of writing should speak to the reader in a simple and easy-going way. Follow the below-mentioned readability principles that will surely help you out:

  • Be Direct and To the Point
  • Use Active Voice
  • Stick to One Concept
  • Connect the dots (inner-related topics)
  • Optimize and keep it Simple
  • Proofread at last

When implemented in the content, these factors improve the readability rate and chances of getting it a thumbs up.

#5 Catchy Headings and Sub-headings

Undoubtedly, anybody who decides to read an article or blog or content, at first looks whether it covers the main points/headings that he quests to gain useful knowledge.

Before reading the article, an individual looks for the title and scrolls down to the table of contents and the headings/subheadings it covers. Even you might have performed the same activity before giving it a try.

Therefore, all your headings, titles, and subheadings must be catchy, relevant, and useful to allure the readers and their interest in the same.

#6 Sourcing Information is a Good Practice

  • Never mislead your readers with ‘No-Proof’ information or data!
  • Never go for stretching the truth, which also makes a reader lose interest!
  • Avoid all such situations by adding the source links, statistics, and reports wherever required.
  • One can include external links that further connect to great sources, which would also help SEO index your content on the top.

#7 Swapping Writing Styles makes you Adaptable

A content writer hikes his demand by proving his versatility in each category of writing content. Writing on the same niche might be bad for you and even kill your skills. So let whatsoever come in your way, but you should try to think out of the box, which will, indeed, make you more valuable and also preferable.

To become a potentially successful content writer, try switching writing genres and work on different content types, be it Ads, case studies, blogs, news, white papers, etc.

#8 Build a Social Presence

The success mantra of being a successful content writer is that the person should be active, social and friendly.

Yes, recognizing work and name is very important while developing contacts and relationships with people, publishers, and industry experts where social media contributes positively.

Pitching ideas on social networks and sharing your writing pieces enables you to build an audience base and connect with niche-related people. A person gets exposure on social media channels to showcase his expertise and even gain knowledge from the existing content masters.

It’s always a win-win situation! So, what are you waiting for? Start sharing your content writing samples now!

#9 Communication and CTAs is what is needed

A writer must possess the quality to engage with the masses with the power of his words and information. You must know and implement better ways to connect with readers and their intent.

Communication via writing pieces must be kept alive by adding images, infographics, facts and figures, latest trends and news, etc. This keeps your reader hooked up with the writing draft you design for spreading knowledge.

One most common way to grab the attention of a user and increase views is to include CTAs in your article, where it requires you to know how to create them as well. Call to Action is an attempt to provoke readers/users to react and respond willingly, thus, convincing them to take up the desired action.

Final Considerations

Content Writing or Freelancing Content Writing is an evergreen field to grow your career prospects where one can try his luck by adhering to the basics peened down above. There are different content types, and the way they are written, one merely needs to understand the audience and be more close to them via their writing.

Your content, if it asks questions, must answer the queries as well.

Your article, if it tells about some problems, must acknowledge the solution as well.

Your blog, if it highlights the bad, must say some good as well.

Hope the secrets revealed would help you in the best possible way by letting you know where you miss and not performing well in the content writing spectrum. And do keep these content writing tips in mind while going for a content writing interview.

Good-luck with your Content Writing Career!