Hello, all you creative minds out there!

Hope you are doing well. So, have you guys read my last article on graphic designing software you should know in 2021? If not, hop on the link and read all the necessary software you can learn to be a successful graphic designer.

Do you know that every day thousands of applicants apply for graphic designer posts? Now the question is what skills does a graphic designer need, since the competition is at its peak.

It’s not enough to have basic coding knowledge, or some basic drawing knowledge won’t work. If you really want to stand out from the crowd; you need to have extraordinary graphic designing skills.

If you are worried after hearing my words, don’t think much. I am here to help you. I’ll guide you throughout this journey and let you know which skills you need to acquire to ace the next graphic designing interview.

Top 6 Graphic designing Skills

Want to start your career path in Graphic designing? Have a look at this graphic designing skills list and get ready for a vibrant career.

1. Learn HTML basic

HTML is the primary language that every graphic designer should know. Being a graphic designer, you’ll not be asked to build a website from scratch. Therefore, you need not be scared of learning the whole HTML programming. It’s enough if you know how to make minor fixes online. This can make your resume stand out from the crowd and help you crack your next graphic designing interview.


It is crucial to learn basic HTML for all graphic designers who are serious about their careers. Also, 36% of companies with less than 1000 employees want their graphic designers to know HTML. Thus, it’s high time to learn these fundamental skills.

2. Should know Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign

Suppose you are not yet familiar with graphic designing software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc. In that case, it’s time to learn all these software because graphic designing is nothing without this software. Therefore, there is no way to avoid it.

The first question the interviewer is going to ask you is which graphic design software you are familiar with. All you need to do is opt the right graphic design software from graphic designing skills list for a shiny bright career.

3. Photography

Photography is one of the vital skills that recruiters are looking for during hiring applicants for a graphic designer, including editing images, capturing images, and so on. 

If you want to hone your skills, there are thousands of ways through which you can work on them. Also, there are numerous books available online for photography skills. You can refer to any of them and let your skills upgrade with that information.

If you are doing freelancing that can add extra points to your resume, you can impress your employer by showing your portfolio and work that you have been doing so far. With professional skills like editing images, and the ability to capture original images, you can easily crack the graphic designing interview.

4. UX Design

The designing industry has now shifted its focus towards UX design. These days, it has become popular creating interactive graphics, and customers love to interact with something that catches their eyes instantly. If you are ready to kick-start your career in graphic designing, then you must learn UX design as it is in high demand among recruiters.

Now let me tell you the role of UX designers and what exactly their responsibilities are. UX designers are supposed to level up every opportunity to enhance the user’s enjoyment towards an end product; they are not just focused on visual effects but also on cognitively.

UX designers are not like graphic designers and web designers, but they possess different disciplines that are more inclined towards human behavior.

5. Typography

You are pursuing in the creative world, and it is essential to know Digital typography.

Typography is a crucial skill that every graphic designer should have. Without typography, you can’t do anything. Since technology is growing at a rapid pace, typography is no longer merely a case of swapping ems for pixels.

6. Proper Communication

Communication and soft skills are essential for graphic designers as they are supposed to communicate with the clients. It’s their responsibility to understand the client’s requirement what they want to convey to their audience. Almost every interviewer is looking for those candidates who show discipline towards their work and can easily communicate with the clients.

If you are doing freelancing, that means you are comfortable working with the client and can easily interact with the client.

As most of us don’t know how to communicate with clients, it’s a great idea to practice soft skills yourself. It is advised to read novels and books to learn how to master the skills of negotiation and other stuff.

In a crux

I hope this documentation helps you, and now you have a clear insight into what skills you need to have to be a successful graphic designer interview. If you chant these skills regularly, it will get easy for you to impress the interviewer.

If you have any questions regarding the skills, do let us know.

Good-luck for your career!