So are you guys excited to land your graphic designing job but apart from the excitement, you might be thinking about what questions you may encounter during your interview? Well, don’t worry! I’ll guide you with all frequently asked questions that will help you crack your next graphic designing interview.

Here I have gathered a list of frequently asked questions. Scroll down and learn fundamental interview questions with answers

Question 1 – Introduce yourself


In this question, you are supposed to answer about yourself, provides a brief description of your professional persona, which may include your educational background and a little bit about your last job.

If you are a fresher, you can share your academics experience with all the achievements and projects you have done so far. Give a brief introduction of your family that doesn’t exaggerate family background long as it becomes monotonous for your employer.

I would recommend you to hand over the business card to the recruiter as it will leave a good impression on the hiring manager. If you offer a business card that shows your professionalism and sincerity towards your work, and it also indicates that you design your own business card.

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Question 2 – Type of design software you are familiar with.


When the hiring manager asked this question, that means they are trying to find whether you can use their in-house software or not and how quickly you will learn graphic designing software. If you are familiar with various designing software, then you can describe it to the interviewer; otherwise, you can tell straightforward that you don’t know about the software.

Also, don’t forget to explain the tools you have used so far and had expertise in; for example, you have a good knowledge of Photoshop and alternatives. You can tell your experience, and probably you understood all similar software.

Question 3 – What activities you do to polish your graphic design skills?


Employers prefer those candidates to take in a team who always wants to grow and improve their area of expertise. They never wish to hire applicants who never put in the effort and didn’t want to explore new ideas and concepts. You’ll also discuss your academic achievement and graphic designing courses that you have done so far.

It is advised to convince your employer that you are still working on your skills by performing different activities; you can also mention your graphics designing classes that you are taking so far and also demonstrate any design book that you keep an eye on.

Moreover, if you are consistent and can tailor your responses to fit the particular job at hand, this can excel your chances of becoming employed.

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Question 4 – What makes you an excellent graphic designer?


The graphic design profession is considered the most creative industry. Thus you are supposed to create something that incorporates with the client’s specification as well as your own design and the qualities one requires to be held below-mentioned skills:

  • Communication
  • Curiosity
  • Passion and drive
  • Problem-solving
  • Patience and reliability

Question 5 – What are some of your greatest accomplishments?


When your interviewer asked about your accomplishment, that means he is interested in you and wants to know more about you, and employers adore those candidates who are ambitious and have a set of goals in their minds.

Thus, it is an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise, achievements, and rewards. It’s your chance to blow them away with all the great stuff you have achieved so far, including your awards, accolades, academic achievements, etc.

It’s your responsibility to showcase your achievements and prove to yourself that you are the best fit for their organization.

Further, try to tell your story about how you achieve your awards and ensure that how these achievements matter to you and how much you are serious towards them. So that it seems more convinced to the employer, and he/she doesn’t have to give a second thought to hire you as his next employer.

Question 6 – How good are you about sticking to your deadlines?


Recruiters nowadays keep an eye on the designers who can deliver the results on time along with quality work. The purpose of asking this question is to know the thinking of aspirants that how he/she dedicated to working, and how versatile he/she can. If one can fail to meet the deadlines, that can cost your employer money or make them lose their customer’s interest.

If you are good to keep your deadlines, that’s good! So what are you waiting for? Share your experience with the interviewer that you are comfortable with deadlines, and you have experience working with clients who were strict with their deadlines.

On the other hand, if you do not agree with the deadlines, in that case, directly say that you are not going to work late at night or some other time that will not suit you.

At Least you can assure your recruiter that you respect the deadline, and you’ll try to complete tasks remotely to get your job done.

It is suggested to give examples of every situation that leaves a good impression on the recruiter, and your chances of getting hired can increase.

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Over to You

Remember, you are not bound to answer all questions; if you don’t know any question, then you can leave that one or simply reply that I don’t know much about this topic or concern.

Never try to over smart in front of the interviewer because he has years of experience taking an interview. Thus, he can judge you within a few seconds that you are lying about something and not confident enough.

So, try to remember these nuances in mind and prepare accordingly.

Good Luck!