We all are familiar that nothing can be done without the help of the development team in this technological era. As per the research, WordPress is searched for 2,740,000 times every month as compared to other development software.

So, why not choose development as a career? As there are numerous development profiles out there in the market such as PHP, HubSpot, WordPress, Python, etc. so, from all these job profiles, WordPress has taken a long way since 2003 escalate the career growth of the people.

Similar to HubSpot developer jobs, a WordPress web development career also empowers you to make your career better and engaging. I recommend you grow your future as a WordPress developer because you can see incredible growth by becoming a competent WordPress developer.

WordPress Development Career

If you are currently at the decision-making stage, in that case, you can prefer to make your career as a WordPress developer because WordPress incorporates about 26.9% of the share among other developing platforms.

It is observed that website development has undergone significant changes. But apart from changes, WordPress has revolutionized the corporate world and offered one way to the aspirants to make their career in the most preferred field.

Are you still confused about whether to choose WordPress development as your career option or not? Need Not Worry! By reading this article, you will definitely make your mind to be a WordPress developer.

But before evaluating the future scope of a WordPress developer, let’s take a brief idea about the roles and responsibilities of a WordPress developer.

Roles and Responsibilities of WordPress Developer

Let’s take an overlook at the roles and job responsibilities of a WordPress developer.

  • Designing the website
  • Create architecture to build an attractive website
  • Testing the developed website
  • Formulate an effective website into a working theme
  • Create attractively and user-friendly sites layout and many more

Due to many responsibilities, management is highly dependent on the development team to avail the excellent practices in the best possible way. Therefore, excellent practices will result in upgrading your knowledge and skills promptly.

Now let’s head to the future scope of WordPress developer.

What is the future of WordPress Developer?

Due to technical expertise, WordPress developers are very famous in this corporate world. Suppose you are hired as a WordPress developer, you would be able to run all kinds of applications while managing the content of the organization.

Moreover, you can create applications in 62 languages securely as it offers a backup option. So, you can expect to take advanced security solutions easily. Furthermore, you would be able to proactively secure your site and raise your awareness for your career as a WordPress developer.

So, once you would know about the vulnerabilities and complexity of the website, and you plan to switch from one company to another, you will have many practices to add to your resume.

Do you know what is the major challenge faced by the developers in shifting from one organization to another? 

We all know that every organization has different goals and objectives, so they use respective designing and analytic tools which suit the best. So, developers often face difficulty in finding the organization that offers job position similar to their profile.

However, by choosing WordPress as your career, you will get rid of these commonly encountered issues because most of the development companies in Chandigarh use WordPress to design and develop the website. So, you will definitely get new opportunities to make your future bright.

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Currently, if you are working as an HTML designer, PHP coder, or having expertise in another field, then you can easily switch to WordPress.

It looks like the future of WordPress is large enough to build the trust of the clients and management quickly as it offers modifying themes, inbuilt- plugins, etc. at a cheap rate. However, it will help you to get out of the shell, build your identity and secure your future as WordPress developer.

Salary Packages

Now, let’s come to the primary motive behind doing jobs. 

Everyone wants to get excellent packages to increase the bucks in their pocket. You might be one of them. If yes, then you can start your career as a WordPress developer because you will get a good hike once you have 2-3 years of experience in it.

Do you know what is the average salary you will get if you have the required WordPress skills and development knowledge? If you have all the potentials and can assure the organization that you are the right fit for your company, then you will get a good start.

Let’s take a rundown of the salary packages of WordPress developer as per their experience.



Fresher or having experience less than 1 year

Rs 1.25 lakh per annum

1- 4 years of experience

Rs 2.5 lakh per annum

5- 9 years of experience

Rs 5 lakh per annum approx

More than 9 years of experience

Rs 6 lakh or more depending on your knowledge and skills

Few more words

WordPress is one of the most prominent CMS software which never stands still. It is evolving day by day and will overcome all the challenges related to the development world. Moreover, it will also secure your career as it offers ample opportunities.

Hope, through this article, I am successful in making your mind in choosing WordPress as your career. If yes, the start working on your development skills and try to crack the WordPress developer interview in the first go. Start preparing for WordPress developer interview questions.

Start evaluating the WordPress tool and take the initiative to make your career as a WordPress developer.