A career in motion graphics is entirely a new trend in the designing field, and it is also possible because of the advent of technology. Currently, there are various types of designers out there, such as web, graphics, user experience, user interface designers, and the list goes on. But the fact is, designers still keep on multiplying as advancement in technology keeps on growing.

The innovative filmmakers believe in expanding their imagination and their budget for impressive technology and design, and the motion graphic artists are working with them as a team. It would not be possible to bring such out-of-box creativity without these innovative artists, amazing mobile graphics, your most desirable space, and war movies.

But exactly what this profession requires and how one can give a kick start to their Motion Graphic career?

What Exactly Motion graphics artist do?

The Motion Graphic Artist is known for their artistic abilities and creative talents. Using their motion graphics skills and creativity, they can create moving words, logos, text, etc., over various media presentations such as movies, commercials, Tv shows. And they even have a strong background in motion graphic designing and, mostly in the fields like game designing and film making.

With the assistance of a creative and talented motion graphics team, film directors can go beyond while creating cutting-edge sequences. By animating graphics and creating visual effects, motion graphic artists bring a website, Tv commercial, or film to an entirely different level.

Moreover, they also have good knowledge of designing software and computer-based tools for designing; understanding these tools of motion graphics is essential in this field. It is also necessary to stay up-to-date with advancements in the motion graphics industry with a proper understanding.

What is the future of motion graphic artist?

You will find it really interesting that motion graphic artists are very famous due to their technical expertise. These days, professional motion graphic artists in India earn between Rs 480,572 to Rs 900,000/-, and freelancers earn approximately 100,000 – Rs 575,000 per annum. If you are a fresher with basic knowledge of motion graphics, you will earn around Rs 220,000 to Rs 600,000/- per year. 

But one thing which you really need to understand that your motion graphics skills matter the most. So, do proper learning and practical tasks before you start as a fresher. You can start with some motion graphic certifications to enhance your skills.

And not only the good earning but the good job outlook is also enhancing. Technology keeps on advancing, and it is believed that the future of motion graphic artists will bring various new opportunities. All you have to do is buckle-up and start working on your creativity.

Where does a Motion Graphics artist work?

The motion picture and video industries are the first options where motion graphic artists desire to work; industry requires creative and talented motion graphic artists. Even, Tv stations, advertising agencies, technical and scientific service agencies also have good motion artists.

These days, motion graphics are also there in business organizations as they are good with their skill. They help a business organization in designing Explainer videos. The explainer videos or short videos help businesses introduce themselves or help their clients understand how they solve their problems.

These days, motion artists are more leaning towards joining a production team of gaming and videos. Also, some organizations work with motion graphic artists to provide services like Typography, Video editing, promo, etc. Due to these services in the market, the demand for motion graphics artists keeps on increasing.

Moreover, various software firms and web development companies hire a graphic designer to work on non-entertainment projects. Also, there are various jobs which start with motion graphic artist working individually.

But at later stages of development, they usually require team input. Sometimes, a deadline appears, due to which designers or a team of designers have to work overtime to complete the project with clients’ timelines.

How can you become a Motion Graphics Artist?

The most important thing for anyone who wants to build their career in motion graphics is to get familiar with the fundamentals of animation as well as graphic design. The software often utilized in motion graphics designing is Cinema 4D, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Flash, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop.

Software for Motion Graphics ArtistSoftware’s that helps in your Motion Graphic Career

Getting a degree is a kick start, though you can follow some other different approaches to sharpen your skills. There are endless online resources and tutorials that can assist you in learning and adding new skills to your collection.

It’s likewise imperative to hone your communication and collaboration skills to work with colleagues successfully. Also, you, as a motion graphic artist, must hold good communication and teamwork skills.

Having these skills further help you to interact with team members more effectively. The Author of TAR production TIM RYAN indicated that “the motion graphic team must have good control over there vocabulary. So, they can effectively interact with the audio design and color theory. In this way, it helps the motion graphics team to become more robust.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s degree is important to get a job. More than 60 % of animators and multimedia artists had a bachelor’s degree, and around 19 % had associate degrees.

Those who do not have a degree must have some competency or proven experience in this field. Individuals pursuing their career in motion graphics must have a reel or portfolio that showcases their work.

Motion graphics artists use a host of the latest technologies and computer programs. Aspiring professionals pursue relevant course work that includes computer-aided design programs, Interactive media, Web design, etc.

Professional certified multimedia programs are online available. These programs can be very helpful for students who are just going to start their careers in this field. Advanced online accredited programs can be geared for portfolio development or regular education in the present software.

A motion graphic artist must be artistically innovative and talented. They must be able to make the best use of computer-aided design software to develop motion graphics. There is a lot of work on animation films, mobile applications, and television shows.

Final Remarks

If you desire to become a motion graphic artist and want to design a world of your own. In which you are only limited by the software, tools, and extent of your imagination. Then, it is vital for you that you acquire proper designing skills and keep yourself up-to-date with the latest designing trends.

Moreover, make yourself familiar with the motion graphic design fundamentals and techniques and evolve with the latest industry trends.

If you think you have it in you to start in this artistic career field, visit webdew careers and apply now.

Good-luck for your career in motion graphics!