Are you a geek or a coding lover? If yes, then I believe you are working on your web development skills to join a well-established company that can further help you grow your web development career

Well! We are breathing in a revolutionized world where everything is digitized and where the Internet is the need of the hour for everyone. Businesses are moving to an online platform to promote their brands and outreach the customer globally.

This technology advancement has impacted the whole world and brings the latest amendments every other day in the software programs. That’s why more and more people want to learn web development and adept career as a Web Developer as most of the organizations are looking forward to hire Magento developer, WordPress developer, PHP developer, (.)Net developer, and many more. 

Before rushing to the developer salary, segment let’s understand the role of a Full-stack web developer.

Full Stack Developer’s Roleplay

A full-stack developer is a candidate who carries the knowledge of both backend and frontend software development, due to which their demand is hiking. According to the research, there is a 20% growth in demand for Full-stack developer compared to the last couple of years.

However, a Full-stack developer holds various skills and knowledge of languages like HTML5, CSS, javascript, which comes under frontend development. For backend, they also possess knowledge regarding RubyOn, phyton, Java, PHP, and multiple databases such as MongoDB, SQL, etc.

The role of the full-stack developer is to look at every aspect of software development within an organization. They work on all three layers of the development programming, including the presentation layer, logic layer, and data layer.

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The Average Pay Full-Stack Developer Draws

If you know coding and love to do programming, that’s good, but these qualities are not enough to be a Full-stack developer. To grab this opportunity, you need to keep yourselves updated with the latest technological advancement because a Full-stack developer is familiar with the recent technology to be used in an organization.

The salaries of full-stack developers vary depending on the candidate’s expertise, experience, dexterities, and geographical region, which also matters from the salary perspective.

According to a survey of Indeed, the average Full-stack web developer salary is 5.25 lakh per annum. Full-stack web developer has considered the highest-paid among the rest of the developers. That’s why they are in high demand, and hiring managers keep an eye on them as they are more flexible and adaptable to challenges.

Moreover, they possess higher knowledge compared to the other developers, and they got more exposure in the related field.

If you know back-end programming or know how to work on a web application, you can quickly learn front-end development and upgrade your profile as a Full-stack Web developer.

Future Scope of Full-Stack Web Developer

The full-stack developer knows both frontend and backend. Thus, they are in excessive demand among web developers. That is why recruiters keep an eye on them. And you will get unlimited opportunities and career growth in this domain.

All you need to do is to crack the interview and get hands-on web development skills. To become a full-stack developer, you need to upgrade your skills and building proficiency in various process streams like backend, frontend, database, testing, mobile apps, and much more.

Companies are looking for logical minds with a wide range of skills. They don’t deal with conservative candidates. So you need to prepare yourself accordingly, keep yourself updated with the latest technological advancement, and the software or applications companies are working on.

Required Skills and Certifications

One can acquire the below-mentioned skills to be a full-stack developer

  • Development Languages
  • Basic Design ability
  • Working with API
  • Database and cache
  • Server
  • Version control system
  • Git, GitHub, and source tree
  • Web architecture

One can go for the certification to enhance their skills or gain some expertise for the same.

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There are numerous online courses available for aspirants like you. Thus, acquire one and advance your career and add stability to your long-term job prospects. Also, if you are highly certified, you can choose the best software development company to grow your career with.  

We recommend you to join edureka’s Full stack developer masters program; this course will make you proficient in web development skills, including nodejs, MongoDB, Angular, jQuery.