The internet made it easier for people to apply for jobs, however, it also created a very competitive environment. Just about 20 percent of the candidates who apply for a job get shortlisted for an interview. 

The same can be said for businesses as well. Indeed, the digital space has opened up new opportunities for companies, but it also became competitive to an extent that traditional marketing techniques could no longer work. So, digital marketers had to step in. 

Digital marketing professionals are important for a brand to develop their presence online, and recruiters are keen on hiring the best candidates for that job. That is why you need to showcase your skills with an impressive digital marketing resume so that it gets the attention of the recruiters. 

Here is how you can achieve that: 

Make a professional experience section

This section of your resume should entail your work profile and pointers around your achievements. Hence, you need to master this section if you wish to convey your expertise to the recruiter. 

Here are a few pointers that will help you make the best out of the work experience section: 

  • Avoid using long paragraphs to explain your job responsibilities and achievements. Try to write bullet points that do not go beyond one line. It would be ideal if you can curate pointers around your skills accomplishments rather than going into details about duties. 
  • Use subheadings or buckets to club 3-4 relevant statements. The idea is to showcase your skills via these subheadings. For example, the buckets in a digital marketing resume can be “search engine optimization & brand awareness” or “social media marketing & content management”. 
  • In each statement, try to highlight important words and numbers. This will help you direct the recruiters towards the pointers that showcase your accomplishments.
  • We advise you to use a STAR format to write the bullet points in your resume. It stands for situation-task-action-result. This format will help you emphasize the results of the work you did. 

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Check the example below to understand how you can curate the professional experience in your digital marketing resume. 


Choose the correct format

Recruiters do not care about what you did 7-8 years ago. You need to showcase recent achievements because of the applicability of your digital marketing skill so that your employer can understand how readily you can apply your expertise. 

To showcase your recent accomplishment to the recruiter, construct your resume in reverse chronological order. 

Further, formatting your resume in chronological order helps display a constructive pattern for your professional portfolio. However, it may become a problem if you have a career gap. If that is the case, then we advise you to use a functional format. 

You can make a functional digital marketing resume by creating a separate section for the points that are relevant to your target profile. You can name this section as a “professional portfolio” or “summary of skills” and add statements that are relevant to the target job. 

Write a professional summary

Your resume summary serves as a summation of your career highlights and skills as a digital marketing professional. But it also plays a vital role in conveying the required expertise and pointer that are asked in the job description. For instance, if the job post requires you to possess more than two years of experience, you can add it in the summary section.

Further, you need to ensure that you format your digital marketing resume correctly. Here are some pointers that will help you achieve that: 

  • Try to construct the summary in a paragraph form that does not go beyond more than 3-4 lines. 
  • Place the summary section right below your name, contact information, and profile title. 
  • Begin the summary with the number of years of experience you have followed by your job title. 
  • Do not include instances of first and second-person pronouns to begin the sentences. 
  • Use pointers like “proficient in”, “adept at”, or “skilled at” to begin sentences in summary. 

To give you an example, here is how you can write a digital marketing resume summary: 

“4+ years experienced Digital Marketing Professional with a stellar record of building the digital presence of brands by utilizing search engine optimization and marketing strategies. Deploying digital marketing practices to bolster website traffic and generating leads.”

Incorporate resume keywords

Your resume should be job-specific, so include the expertise sought in the job post. It will help you bolster your chances of getting hired. You can go through the job descriptions of the target profile and include keywords. 

For instance, if the recruiter is seeking a candidate who should have knowledge in “search engine marketing” then it should reflect in your resume. So, incorporate such keywords from the job description to bring your digital marketing resume in line with your target profile. 

Also, a job-specific resume further helps in passing the applicant tracking system. ATS is a software for screening resumes based on keywords related to the job functions.

Make a skills section

Your resume should include the skills you possess to showcase your area of expertise. It is an important section as it helps recruiters decide if the candidate has the required skills to get the job done.

So, try to construct this section by keeping in mind your core skills and the required soft skills. For example, communication skills may be required in some jobs to deal with key stakeholders. 

Also, you can divide your skills into two sections. One is the key skills section where you can write your digital marketing proficiencies and transferable skills, and other is the technical skills section for your digital marketing tools like Ahreft, HubSpot, etc. 

Further, you can make a concrete impact on the recruiter by adding graphs and charts representing your skills. These charts can showcase your proficiency level that will help your potential employers understand where your expertise lies. For example, check the snippet below: 


Optimize the resume title

What title should you write in your digital marketing resume? 

Firstly, you should not name it as “resume” or “curriculum vitae” as it does not leave the right impression. It is self-explanatory that you are writing a resume and curating the title as one seems redundant. 

Your resume title is very important for your profile and here are a few pointers you should keep in mind before you write it: 

  • Your profile title should be written right below your name. 
  • If you do not have any experience, do not add instances like “fresher”. 
  • Include your job title or any skills that as a mark paramount importance in the job post. 

Check out a few examples of profile title that are ideal for a digital marketing professional: 

  • “Digital Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Graduate 
  • Content creator & Certified Digital Marketing Professional”

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Key takeaways

Here are a few key takeaways: 

  • Make a work experience section to showcase your digital marketing expertise and job achievements.
  • Assign subheadings to bullet points and highlight important words. 
  • Choose the reverse-chronological format to write your work history. But if you have a gap in your career, then go with a functional resume where you can add a separate section to write your summary of skills. 
  • Write a resume summary encompassing your digital marketing career highlights and job-related skills in a paragraph form restricted to 3-4 lines. 
  • By incorporating keywords from the job description, you can make your resume specific to the target job and pass the applicant tracking system. 
  • Make two sections for your skills. A key skills section to write your core competencies and a technical skills section where you add all the tools that you are familiar with. 

Hope this helps you find your dream job, and start your digital marketing career. Good-luck!

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