The marketing world is evolving with time and demand. Due to this, the requirements of the customer vary with the rising technology. Now, they prefer to be online by spending most of their time on social media and E-commerce sites.

Earlier marketers were practicing traditional marketing to reach their customers through various sources, radio and TV ads, hoardings, Newsprint advertisements, etc. But the scenario has changed now. We all know, the Internet is spreading its arm around the globe very efficiently, giving birth to Internet Marketing, which is called Digital Marketing.

Everyone in the market wants to sell their products online to reach a greater audience and possess a solid online customer base. Businesses require hype for their growth, and Digital Marketing is one of the active media to promote their product and brand over the Internet. Hence, Digital Marketing is the need of the hour.

What is Digital Marketing and Why it is so Prominent?

Digital Marketing uses distinct digital approaches and channels to connect with the prospects where they spend much of their time online.

Companies leverage various digital marketing methodologies such as content creation, social media campaigning, email advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), etc., to reach global customers and connect with them.

Digital Marketing Industry is booming at a fast pace were in India. It has shown a 40% annual increase due to Internet connectivity and smartphone usage by 50 million people.

The survey says by 2020 world goes Digital, and by 2021 online users will increase to 635.8 million. Thus, companies are all set to make an online presence, creating a lot of job opportunities in this field.

As far as a job is concerned, digital marketing career brings endless scope for graduates and professionals where one can consider it as an evergreen field to grow with. The components of digital marketing are too evolving at a very fast pace. One can hop on to this viral video on “ Why Digital Marketing as a career? ” to get valuable insights for the same.

A Wise Opt-in Choice: DM as a Career


Online Advertising has come a long way because of its significant traits driving engagement with the masses. Because of their robust techniques, flexible approaches, and effective strategies, all these fail the traditional modes of marketing and promotion.

Digital marketing is growing at rocket speed, and every business needs professionals to execute its marketing campaign. The increasing demand for highly learned professionals opens the door for job seekers who want to enter this evolving field.

So take a look down below the golden digital marketing career opportunities.

The Ever Widening Scope of Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing focuses on making a reason for the customer to see your product; marketers prioritize inbound over other marketing methodologies.

Scope of Inbound Marketing

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Why is Inbound better than other marketing methods?

The answer to this question is: The approach of doing Inbound is more human and helpful, which attracts the customer and prospects towards your business, and it provides value and trust to your brand.

Inbound marketing is emerging. Therefore Digital marketing agencies are searching for the best suited Inbound Marketer who can draw the buyers by using the attract, engage, delight methods

Pro tipHubSpot offers a career enhancement course in Inbound Marketing that will cover all the aspects of Inbound methodologies and practical knowledge. You can earn this certification for your future endeavors.

The Exponential Scope of Marketing Automation:

Marketing Automation is a technology (software) that permits the marketer to target their customer with automated marketing.

Scope of Marketing Automation

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Businesses can easily re-target their customer through marketing automation across different channels, including emails, social media, websites, and text messages which can generate leads.

To get a job in marketing automation, you should have good technical knowledge; preferred skills would be:

  • CRM(Customer Relationship Management)
  • Strong analytics skills
  • Exceptional written and oral communication
  • Marketing automation platform or email marketing

The Broad Scope of (SEM) Search Engine Marketing:

SEM is one of the crucial parts of Digital Marketing. It manages traffic on the website, whether it is achieved from PPC and SEO.

What is the job role for this profile?

These candidates generate leads for the companies through ads; that is why PPC professionals demand increased in the marketing industry.

A candidate is supposed to manage PPC keywords, refine landing pages, provide a suggestion for ads.

The Monumental Scope of (SEO) Search Engine Optimization:

What is an SEO?

It’s a process of increasing the traffic in terms of (quality and quantity) to your website through organic search results.

What kind of task accomplished by an SEO candidate?

An SEO candidate would perform various tasks to rank their website like Link Building, Content Optimization. Embedding related keywords to the content will also increase the page traffic, and many visitors come to the site, which improves the organic search results.

The Comprehensive Scope of (SMM) Social Media Marketing:

Well! we all are aware how big Social Media is.

Scope of Social Media Marketing 

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According to a survey, Facebook crossed 2 billion active users, stating that it is one of the fastest-growing trends.

If we define Social Media Marketing, it’s a process of creating content and sharing on different social platforms to drive prospects. 

For marketers, it’s a big challenge to find Social Media Marketer. Because of the competition in the business, most of the small companies targeted Social Media for their marketing strategies as it is cost-effective, versatile, and affordable at the same time. Various online social media marketing courses help marketers upgrade their digital marketing skills and perform tasks to increase business productivity and sales. 

That’s why 97% of marketers are using this mantra to reach their audience.

Therefore Social Media creates lots of vacancies for flexible and creative minds.

The Robust Scope of Content Marketing:

“Content is the Overlord” helps drive your Digital Marketing strategies and makes your hard attempts to be a great success. You can not compromise with your content in anyhow. If you think you can write unexceptional, then you are best suited for this profile.

You need to create some breathtaking content full of quality and put some creative ideas aligned with the updated technologies. Make it understandable, making sure you promote your content well through SEO.

The Extensive Scope of Web Analytics:

Scope of Web Analytics

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Web Analytics is a process of searching and collecting website data. By using Web Analytics, one can attract more visitors and customers for excellent services.

It includes traffic analysis, business and market research, and web traffic improvement. This domain would be an excellent opportunity for the buttress fresher to get into it.

How you can get into Digital Marketing Industry?

Digital marketing is like the ocean, which is deep enough to dive into it and get fruitful results.

To stand out from the competition, you need to pitch for your self, things you can go for some digital marketing certifications or join some online digital marketing course.

Go for the Certifications and Online training;

Take a rundown for various digital marketing certifications you can earn to take the first step into digital marketing.

  • Google Digital Unlocked: You will learn the fundamentals of Digital Marketing in this course. It will provide a deep understanding of the online opportunity, how to plan online strategies, and analyze insights and analytics of the website.
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification: One can earn official Facebook certifications and badges. This will provide you the knowledge of Facebook and its campaign and how you can implement Facebook marketing for your business to reach the potential audience. To get certified, you need to pass the blueprint exams.
  • Google AdWords Certification: If you plan to join a PPC agency, you could have this AdWords certification to show off on your resume. This certification will demonstrate proficiency in the primary and advanced aspects of google ads. You need to pass two exams to get certified.
  • Content Marketing Certification: Content marketing is the basis of Digital Marketing strategy, and this content marketing certification will teach you content creation, repurposing, storytelling, and promotion of your content.

2. Design an eye-catching resume: Impressive resume can increase your chances of getting a call from the interviewer, so create your digital marketing resume in a detailed and straightforward manner.

Over to You

Approx 6.5 million users are on the Internet, and it is predicted that count will rise in the coming years. This gives ample opportunities for the freshers.

If you are wondering you need some particular degree to get into the Marketing industry, Then you are wrong; you just require certifications to stand out in the crowd.

Stop struggling and rushing to find your Digital Marketing jobs, go for smart work, and earn some certifications for your Digital Marketing Professional. Don’t wait for the opportunities. Take your first step towards your dream job and grab it.

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Good-luck for your digital marketing career path!