Digital Marketing trends are rapidly growing and updating at their own pace. Therefore, it is vital for us to embrace the digital transformation that has occurred already, which eventually helps businesses to acquire the latest marketing strategies to promote their brand online.

Therefore, there are numerous jobs (approx 1.5lakh) created in a digital marketing career. India and has given fledgling career opportunities to the aspirants who are looking for a bright career in this escalating field.

Well! We all know that the existing brands come up with a new idea every other day in the digital space. This further leads to the up-gradation of technology and addresses the demand for skilled professionals, and automatically increases the salary growth prospects.

 To analyze, you can examine the recent salary variation of digital marketers in the below graph.

Digital Marketers Statistics

Source: Ventro tech

The differing salaries in the digital marketing arena are just according to the skillset and work profile of marketing professionals.

So what are you waiting for?

Get some Digital marketing certifications in hand to improve and enhance your competencies which will help you to achieve the milestone of your career growth.

Before proceeding further, it is essential to understand that marketer’s salaries vary to a great extent.

So let’s discuss the jobs available and required skills for this emerging industry. We want you to understand the digital marketing career and salary scope in India, and the below image will give you a glimpse of the same.

Digital Marketing Career and Salary Scope in India

Source: Careeranna

Jobs Profiles available in the Digital Marketing industry

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Email Marketing Executive
  • Google Ads Marketer

Jobs Profiles available in the Digital Marketing industry

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Email Marketing Executive
  • Google Ads Marketer

Understand the Job Profile and Salary Prospect

1. Digital Marketing Executive

If you are entering as a fresher in a digital marketing agency, you are required to participate as a digital marketing executive or SEO executive, and you will be performing a few tasks like keyword researching, analyzing and testing, etc.

One can also assist in the planning, execution, and optimization of online marketing efforts and strategies to build long-lasting digital connections with the target customer.

Required skills for this position would be, one should have an excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts, analytical and critical mindset, and knowledge of good writing skills. 

The average marketing executive salary/ digital marketing salary in India for a fresher would be 15k to 20k per month.

This is not fixed, it may vary from company to company and how much experience you carry as we all know that the sky is the limit for the potential candidate.

2. Digital Marketing Specialist

One can turn into a marketing specialist within a year or two, entirely rely on your competencies and skill set. For becoming a specialist, you need to have specialization in SEO or SEM and required to be perfect in your expertise.

You may work under a Team Leader (TL), but your creativity, good performance, and passion are going to be of great importance for any organization.

The average salary for a digital marketing specialist would be approx 23k to 26k per month.

The growth and hike vary according to your performance and caliber.

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3. Digital Marketing Manager

According to Payscale the average salary for Digital Marketing Manager is approx 40k per month.

This profile needs 3 to 4 years to turn a candidate into a Marketing manager as it entirely depends upon your flexibility and adaptability towards your marketing approach and how strategically to execute your campaigns.

What matters is that how good you are at making plans for your team as your work is going to more intense by applying the in-depth marketing strategies and campaigns into real practice.

The demand for skilled digital marketing professionals is growing day by day, and because of this, companies are leverage on various digital platforms for the growth of their business and ready to give a high amount of salary to digital marketers. Refer to the below image to see the rise in

average digital marketing manager salary in India. 

Salary Growth in Digital Marketing Career

Source: Marketedu

4. Social Media Marketing Experts/Manager

This candidate performs various task to drive traffic to the website and to increase the visibility of a brand or product by sharing a blog post, infographics, video post, and other related content.

They prefer social media platforms to promote their content and make strategies to draw potential traffic and deliver true engagement and interaction to their target audience.

According to Payscale the average salary of a Social Media Marketing Manager is approx 30k per month. 

5. Content Marketing Manager

The role of the Content marketer is to oversee the company content strategy and optimize it through different ways and create comprehensive content, including video, audio, print, blog post, social media post, and much more.

The ultimate aim is to drive active customers for their products and brands!

They must keep themselves updated with new trends and technologies in their field as they are supposed to generate relevant content.

The prerequisites for this position would be strong writing, editing, and communication skills, and the candidate must ensure strong analytical and logical skills to build a strong relationship with their potential customer.

The monthly income of the Content Marketing Manager is around 54k per month.

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6. Email Marketing Executive

These candidates are responsible for drawing leads for the company by running email marketing campaigns, managing and creating email databases and newsletters.

One needs to recognize the target audience and create an email list accordingly, design and execute a direct email marketing campaign by proofreading emails for clarity.

They are responsible for tracking and measuring email performance and suggest improvements and reports on sales revenue generated from email marketing.

The average Email Marketing Executive salary is around 23k per month and varies from company to company.

7. Google Ads Marketer

Google Ads Marketers are responsible for conducting and managing of PPC(Pay Per Clicks) strategies for the clients.

They assist and monitor the keywords bids, monthly budget caps, impression share, goals tracking, revenue tracking, and other metrics.

Some other responsibilities include: Oversee the web analytics dashboard, reports, and critical reporting tools and monitor search results and search accomplishments across the search channels.

One should possess strong analytical and management competencies to take up this role and earn a handsome salary.

The monthly salary of a Google Ads Marketer is approx 31k.

Final Thoughts

Ample opportunities are there in Digital Marketing; you just need to find the right opportunity and can kick start whenever you want. It’s never too late!

There are many Digital Marketing courses available online one can go for those courses and get certified. This will help you to accomplish your career as a marketer and expect a handsome salary out of it.

Good Luck!