Hey, all content creators out there!

I hope you all are doing well! Are you guys excited to land your dream job in the content writing field? If yes, then apart from the excitement, you might be wondering about the salary package. This question will arise every time in your heads whenever you appear for an interview. Is it so? I guess yes, this is the fact associated with every candidate. No need to worry! I’ll be discussing here content writing salary as per their job profiles.

Content writers are in tremendous demand in every sector, and they’ll get paid as per their skills and experience they carry. If you have the skills and know-how to sell it, then it gets easier for you to crack the interview. Also, you can expect a good salary out of it. Thus, One can consider the Below-mentioned pointer to know which things can directly affect your salary.

  • Amount of experience you carry
  • Do you have freelancing experience or some other projects
  • What content writing skills do you carry
  • Your job location also matters a lot
  • Type of company you are joining
  • Job responsibilities

Let’s discuss the Average Salary of a content writer.

The average salary a content writing candidate can expect is approximately 2 lakh per annum. Also, it varies as per the city and location; generally, metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad tend to offer higher salaries to content writer applicants. Where cities like Kolkata and Chandigarh give low packages to the applicants.

Salary of a content writer on the basis of experience:

Are you thinking about how much a content writer can earn with good experience?

Well! Experience does matter in content writing jobs, like other profiles. It also fluctuates from one range to another, but if you carry the right amount of experience, or you can say if 2 or 3 years and possess exceptional skills, then you can rock in the content writing field. An experienced person can expect about 3.6 lakh per annum.

Now let’s discuss what kind of experience do you carry and what package you can expect from the hiring manager.

If you are having industry/freelancing experience of 0-2 years, you would expect an online content writer salary between 3.5 lakhs per annum – 4.0 lakhs per annum.

A content writer having experience between 2-5 years can expect a good amount of salary, around 5 to 8 lakh/annum.

If you are 5 years of experience in the content writing field, that indicates you can manage a team of writers to run the content marketing of the company and there is also the possibility of upgradation of your position to the team lead. And you can expect a salary between 9 to 15 lakhs per annum.

How much a Technical Writers earn yearly

The need for technical writers is increasing day by day due to the booming of the IT industry. From MNC to small startups, everyone needs technical content writers to write on technicalities and technologies, including big data, Hadoop, blockchain, cloud, digital marketing, etc.

This was all about technologies on which a technical writer may ask to write. On the other hand, if a company is entirely based on coding and programming, then you may be asked to write on programming language, Oracle, Adobe and other the database.

The minimum qualification required is graduation. And the expected salary would be 5 lakh per annum.

Technical Writing can expect higher salaries than general content writing—the amount around 4lakh per annum. Let’s take an example of a content writer of TCS who earns Rs. 5 lakhs lakh per annum.

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Freelance Content Writers

A freelancer who can deliver quality content can expect good money from this emerging industry. Let’s talk about the salary packages of freelancers according to their work experience.

A good and experienced freelance writer in India can earn from 20,000 Rs to 25000 Rs per month, where beginner writers can earn from 8000 Rs to 10,000 Rs per month.

However, salary also depends on the quality of your work or content that you are delivering to the client. If you are providing quality content on deadlines, then surely you will earn a good amount of money out of it.

Last Words

I hope this document helps you and makes you understand the salary range of content writers. Your salary is entirely dependent upon your skillset and how much experience you possess in content writing.

Thus, content writing is all about creativity, writing, and editing with new ideas. There is a huge demand for content writers in the digital industry; whether you are a technical writer, website writer, or copywriter, you can earn handsome money with your work.

You just need to polish your skills; one can read the blog of basic content writing skills and explore your opportunities in the content writing field. Besides, if you are passionate about your work, then you are going to ace the content writing job. Moreover, webdew is here to narrow your job search, and you can visit webdew’s career page and schedule your interview as per your convenience.