Hope you find my previous article informative, and I wish you could find some best company out of the list to grow your content writing career. Apart from this, in this article, you’ll be learning how you can create a perfect resume for your next content writing interview.

You are a writer but do you know it’s the right time to showcase your writing skills and map it with the resume because all your content writing skills are going to work in creating a perfect resume.

It includes your quality of content, preciseness, grammar, and technical writing skills.  

I know you might be feeling that you are doing bypass self-surgery. But believe me, once you get to know about the content and the way you need to present yourself, it becomes easier for you to frame a perfect resume for your next employer.

The content writer resume is not just a piece of paper that you are writing to impress your recruiter, but it’s all about your personality and professional skills that can represent you in front of your hiring manager.

To make your task much easier, I have enlisted some essential pointers which you need to take care of while framing a creative content writer resume. Take a run down at the crucial points for creating a perfect resume.

What should a content writer job resume have? Here is the answer

A well-written resume should contain the below-mentioned pointers. Take a look.

  • The best way to share your experience is to use reverse chronological order. Now you may be wondering what the chronological order is all about? Well! You can read it from here to get in-depth about the same. You’ll get detailed insight for the same.
  • Whatever you are adding to the resume, mention your work in the bullets; it will help employers to go through the resume quickly.
  • Try to use action words instead of using simple words. You can go for verbs like curated content, edited, managed.
  • Try to add keywords to the resume. You can pick relevant keywords from the job listing also mention phrases while writing work experience. It will have a good impact on the recruiter. And choose the most pertinent information.
  • After adding all relevant information, try to add all your accomplishments, achievements, and certification.

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5 Tips to create Perfect Content Writer Resume

Now let’s discuss in deep how you can use above- pointers.

Choose the Right Font and Size

Choosing the right format is another essential part of resume writing. You are supposed to leave enough space on the page.

I would recommend you to go with the standards for formats, or you can use (italics, underlining, bold) to highlight the required information. Formatting is significant. Your content writer resume format should be well organized so that it can leave a good impression on your employer.

Try to Put Appropriate Keywords

Just think a moment why I am focusing on keywords because most of the companies use recruiting management software or tool for screening resumes. So it’s better to put enough relevant keywords related to the job description. By doing so, your chances increase to get a call from the recruiter.

Do proper research and give time to yourself and find appropriate keywords matching the job description. Also, it will highlight your skills and experience that can be noticed by your hiring manager and can make you an ideal candidate in the eyes of the recruiter. Once you know what skills do you need to be a content writer, then you can easily reach your goal. 

Go through Your Job Descriptions

It is also crucial to write the appropriate job description. Once you have specified your job description, then it’s your responsibility to read it properly whether it is going to impress your interviewer or not.

Do they sound impressive? Ask all these questions to yourself. And take time and try to make it remarkable. 

Proofread Your Resume

Proofreading is another critical factor that you need to take care after putting all content. Thoroughly read your content 1 or 2, surely you will find some errors. It’s is the right time to correct those errors. I would recommend you check your resume on Grammarly. You can also take help from your friends and ask them to read your cover letter too.   

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Resume Template

It is crucial for you to take references from the resume template as it will help you in many ways. You can use a resume template and add information over there and ensure to personalize accordingly. I think using a template can make your work more comfortable there is numerous resume template available online.


I hope you have learned all the essential steps which you need to add to your next resume. These tips are convenient if you use them efficiently. You’ll definitely crack your next interview if you prepare well to make it successful the first step will be your resume. Use all the pointers mentioned above and make a perfect resume. Try this out and see excellent results.