Every skilled designer was once a beginner amazed by designs and dreaming of a design career. As you begin to learn graphic design, you will understand that it is a skill that always needs to be updated. 

Knowledge has never been more accessible in the digital era. Using your mobile devices, you can access virtually any piece of information you desire.

Since there is now so much material and resources available online, many graphic artists have lost the joy and satisfaction that comes from holding a real graphic design book in their hands.

Furthermore, we have lost our familiarity with our literature, as well as the genuine comprehension that is so effortlessly accessible from them. Make the most of your empty bookcase by stocking it with these four greatest graphic design books, which are guaranteed to aid you on your journey!

If you’re a graphic designer who wants to improve your creative abilities, you’ve come to the right place: our list of essential graphic design analysis resources. You’re in the proper place, even if you’re an expert in a different area of design. 

Throughout the course of design’s evolution, new roles and definitions are always being created. UX and UI design have distinct roles to play, but it’s vital to remember that the finest graphic designers have more than one specialization.

Must read design books for upskilling 

Here are a few must-read design books for upskilling your graphic designing career:

Typography book: Just my type

The book ‘Just my type’ is a book written by Simon Garfield and was published in 2011. The book is all about the typography fonts you use for web designs, documents, posters, and many more. 

Fonts are everywhere and play a huge role in achieving the purpose of them being used. Because Garfield’s study of typography is so in-depth, it compels you to examine the details of your favorite typefaces and recognize the significance of the part they play in any composition. 

It is possible to communicate with viewers who are practically restrained when a decent font is employed because it can be hidden in plain sight. On the other side, choosing a poor typeface can have a negative effect on the overall design of your project. You can select the appropriate font for your projects with the assistance of this design book.

Graphic Design Fundamentals: How to 

The book “Graphic Design Fundamentals: How to” was written by Michael Beirut. This design has been made available to us in a form that is palpable thanks to the legacy of Massimo Vignelli and Beirut’s admiration for one of the most prominent graphic design professions that have ever existed.

 It is highly recommended that everybody working in the design profession read it. According to him, graphic design is all about selling something, explaining things, making things look better visually, making people laugh, making people weep, and, every once in a while, changing the world.

This book on graphic design is written from the point of view of a well-known designer and focuses on his work, as well as his relationship with customers and the obstacles that are faced by all designers.

Graphic Design Book About Colors: Interaction of Color

In this book, authored by Josef Albers, the fundamentals of compound color theory are broken down and explained. This book is a helpful reference for a wide variety of ideas, including but not limited to temperature, color power, color reliance, vibrating and disappearing boundaries, the illusion of clarity, and reversed flooring. 

The book contains over 50 different case studies to pick from. This book has been helpful as a guide for painters and other artists who have included color schemes in their work, but it is not meant for graphic designers to use in that capacity.

Brand Design Book: Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide For The Whole Branding Team

Alina Wheeler’s “Brand Design Book: Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide For The Whole Branding Team” is a book that everyone interested in branding, including designers, will find to be invaluable. 

This book, now in its fifth edition, acts as a guide for designers and the teams that they lead regarding the fundamentals of branding. When it comes to gaining knowledge regarding branding, Wheeler’s guide to a global five-stage method for brand development and performance is an outstanding resource. 

It is of the utmost importance that you have access to the most recent resources, such as social media partnerships, knowledge in SEO, and a demonstrated track record of accomplishments.

Geometry of design

Kimberly Elam provides a mathematical explanation of how the creative process operates, and she does so in this book in a way that can be understood by everyone.

It is a journey through the visual relationships that have their origins in mathematics as well as in the fundamental parts of existence, and this journey is what gives the design its insight and consistency.

Geometry of Design is a guide to the design and architecture of the twentieth century. It analyzes a wide variety of examples and shows the underlying geometric structures in the compositions of those examples.

The book discusses a variety of less common proportioning schemes, including the golden section, root rectangles, and the Fibonacci series, among others.

This book is perfect for you if you wish to get more skilled in the practice of designing logos. In my opinion, this book ought to be in possession of each and every designer.

Wrapping up

Reading books during one’s career is a terrific way to improve one’s capacity for learning new skills and developing one’s existing abilities as a designer.

However, given the prevalence of digital media in today’s society, it may be challenging to track down the best graphic design books available for reading.

If you can access all the information you require with only the press of a button, why bother going through the trouble of reading books? According to the viewpoint of this designer, the best books on graphic design can both expand your creative horizons and transport you to other imaginative realms.

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