Writing a great cover letter gives your resume a significant advantage. Cover letters are very important for many reasons. Firstly it shows you’re interested in the position. 

Because you took the effort to write a personal message to the HR Manager, they will read it if you have caught their attention with a good resume.

Now let us look into some of the most important cover letter tips for your Digital Marketing Job Application. Ace your digital marketing career with these amazing tricks.

Cover letter tips for digital marketers

Do not just copy your resume

Your hiring manager already has your resume. You do not need to duplicate it on your cover letter. A cover letter should include specific examples of what you will do for the company and what you will bring to the company. 

An excellent cover letter must show who you are and what you want. Use real-life examples to demonstrate your quality traits. For example, do not just write about how good you are with your skills and incredible results. You have already shown them plenty in your resume.

Show them how much this profession means to you and why particularly you were so interested in building a career out of this.

Differentiate yourself in your cover letter

As a digital marketing professional, you must be able to handle the pressures of the job and keep your operations organized and running smoothly at all times. 

It does not matter if you are in a highly competitive or low competition industry; your job performance or yearly performance appraisal will take a hit if you perform poorly in a high-stress work environment.

So in your cover letter, demonstrate through your writing that you can manage multiple digital marketing projects with ease. Highlighting these multi-tasking skills on your cover letter can be rather tricky; there are several ways to do it. 

It is essential to show how you have handed over successful campaigns to many clients over the course of a month. The job application that shows off such skills makes for an impressive, powerful job application.

Be sure to include information that shows your interest in the job and demonstrates what makes you unique. Having relevant skills is not enough; you must showcase those by using effective tricks and tips. 

Write how you can bring value to the recruiters. If you have the recruiter’s required skills, abilities, and experience that can help the firm, do not hesitate to show those in your cover letter.

Update your cover letter with action words and keywords

Cover letters are crucial to make your application stand out. The cover letter should make the recruiter sit up and notice! Use action words in your job application if you want to show off your unique voice and style. Using action words makes your resume and cover letter strong.

Keywords are another aspect that many pay little attention to. Many candidates think keywords are only important on their resume and have no place in a cover letter. But they’re so wrong! Let us explain why!

Keywords are those terms that are embedded deep into the minds of employers. And the moment you use them, they scream for their attention. Terms like ROAS, PPC, Impressions, Conversions, etc., are highly popular keywords in this sector. Treat industry-related acronyms as a possible keyword too.

Write a cover letter that includes the required keywords and acronyms from the job description. When applying for a job, a custom cover letter is critical. A custom cover letter shows that you are a good match for the job.

Avoid your weakness

Suppose you apply for a position you think you are not qualified for. In that case, you should not be giving the interviewer reason to doubt your abilities. It’s crucial to avoid over-apologizing. Don’t mention any skills or degrees if you don’t have them. 

Show how your current skills and experiences make you an excellent fit for the job. You must be careful about focusing too much on unnecessary skills (not directly relevant to the job) because it could distract your recruiters. Focus on your strengths instead, which directly relates to the job circular.

Collect hiring managers’ contact information

Your cover letter is your chance to set yourself apart and show that you are an expert in your field. An excellent company to work for does not have to be hard to find. It is worth spending the time it takes to research it thoroughly.

Get familiar with the company, the hiring manager, and the position you are applying for. Address your cover letter to the person who will be reviewing your application. They might even give you the phone number to call them directly. If you do not know who the hiring manager is, you can find it on LinkedIn or Google search.

Managing your reference

You never know who might be an excellent contact for you. In your cover letter, mention the person’s name who works within the company; who recommended that you apply for the job. This will help your job application significantly and also show you as polite and professional.

In fact, much research points to this important fact. Internal reference from a company is 4X likely to result in you being hired. That is not too hard to discern why! 

Suppose an employee from a company is looking to fill a vacant position and refers a potential candidate. In that case, the HR manager will give that candidate priority because they will know the employee who brought the candidate will face questions if something sour happens down the line. And that employee has performed the minimum due diligence to refer this candidate and would naturally be a good match in the company’s culture.

Using a cover letter structure effectively

Cover letters have several different types of body content, so make sure you understand how they are structured and what kinds of words you need to use in each of them to accomplish the final goal, which is to get an interview.

  • It begins with a cover letter contact section, where you provide your own contact details.
  • You begin the first paragraph telling which position you applied to, and especially you must highlight the name of the internal employee who recommended you for the job (if you happen to have any).
  • In the second paragraph, you close down on what makes a great match for the position and show some small achievements from your career. You can also touch upon any new projects or undertaking the company is currently taking and how you can provide great support for those initiatives.
  • In the last paragraph, you close with a call to action, which invites the HR Managers to know you more by asking for an interview.

Cover letter template

Here we are adding a cover letter template to make it easier for you to create your amazing Digital Marketing (SEO) cover letter. You may apply the aforementioned tips in the template to write your winning cover letter:

[Your full name]

[Phone number]

[Email address]

[Linkedin Profile]

[Date of submission]

[Name of recruiter/HR manager, Company name]

[Company address]

[Subject line with job post and organization name]


[Highlight your interest in a specific position; compliment your hiring managers and your competitive advantages to get an interview call.]

[Include relevant past achievements that portray your true potential and capabilities.]

[Go deep into your professional characteristics to clarify the confusion of hiring managers hiring you.]

[Inspire hiring managers to meet you in an interview by summarizing your motive and suggestions to achieve organization goals.]

[Sign off]

[Your signature]

Wrapping up

A cover letter done right can help you get an upper hand during the hiring process. Make sure you use the tricks mentioned above according to your profile and the job you are applying for.

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