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What is the Average Graphic Designer Salary In India?

Graphic designers represent the visual communication which includes arts and layout of websites text for displaying it in the form of print and electronic media like newspapers, books, magazines and image design for the corporate identity programs, advertisement, and exhibitions.

Graphic designer main specialized in different fields such as digital and web page design, computer graphics,  brand and identity strategies and, advertisements and illustrations. These designers may progress to the position like our directors, design directors for creative directors.

What Graphic Designers do?

Graphic designers design either by hand or by computer software and they usually visual concepts, to express their ideas which can inspire and entertain the clients. Even, though they design an entire layout and create designs for a variety of apps, brochures, magazines, reports related to corporate, and ads.

Graphic Designer Salary

In the UK, graphic designers who are just starting out trainees or graduates can typically earn around £11,000-£18,000. And a senior graphic designer can earn between £25,000-£45,000 per annum. Whereas, a freelancer can make £40 per hour or more.

However, Graphic designer salary in India varies as per the experience. A designer who freelancer can earn around Rs 90k to Rs 525k. While a junior graphic designer can earn approx Rs.90k to Rs. 600k per annum whereas a senior graphics designer can earn approx Rs. 180k to Rs 800k per annum. According to Payscale, the average salary of a graphic designer is Rs 270k also it various as per the individual's skill and experience.



Average Salary of a Graphic Designer

Also, there are various types of graphic designers jobs available in India which you can follow as per your interest. Here are some of the trending jobs in the field of graphic designing:

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia designers create multimedia tools and presentations for promoting business brand, services, and products.  These experts may convert a video in an interactive package. They can also be in charge of web designers, which includes the landing pages, for the organization.

Multimedia designers can also design print products such as reports, case studies, and infographics.  Multimedia designers must be up to date with the new programs and technology as they integrate, emerge relevant skills and tools in their daily work. According to payscale report, the multimedia designer in India earn approx Rs 197k to Rs 717k, and the average salary of a multimedia designer is around Rs 325k.

Multimedia Designer Salary

Art Director

Art designer is responsible for coordinating the concept and design efforts for the promotion which can be in the printed form, in commercials or, on the website. The art director is basically focused more on the concept and assign work to photographers, graphic designers, and artists.

Though it is essential to hold expertize in photoshop and the other designing suites so that you carry on others efforts and fill-in, whenever required. Moreover, if you want to pursue your career as an Art Director, then it is necessary that you must update your skills. Also, your experience as an Art director will help you to earn well. Nowadays in India, the average salary of Art director start from Rs 298K to Rs 1,450K per annum, and the average salary is approx Rs 603K.

Art Director Salary

User Experience Designer

User Experience designer is responsible for creating the designs for customers that are functional as well as attractive.  The designers must create unified designs which can be easily accessible by the targeted customers.

Also, the designers are responsible for managing the process - from the mockup phase to final outcome phase, whether it is a poster or software application. Industrial designing concepts are required for making the prototypes, clean and simple designs.

Just like other jobs, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest UX trends. By this, you can keep your knowledge and skills updated. Also, if you already hold experience in User experience designing than you can earn around Rs 232K to Rs 1,506K per annum. According to Payscale, in India, the average pay of the UX Designer is around Rs 622K per annum.

User Experience Salary

Competition in Market

During 2008, approx 286,100 employees were working as a graphic designer. And in the year 2018, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the graphic designing jobs will hike to 13%.

Although, the industry of graphic designing is a competitive industry in terms of freelancing which 25% of all graphic designers and due to this, people around the globe is competing for projects.

A graphic designing is a competitive field to enter, so if you have any experience, it will help you to stand out. Also, doing one or more internship will help you learn about graphic designing. Even, during the internship, you get opportunities to apply your creativity and knowledge to real life graphic projects.

Moreover, while doing an internship, you get the opportunity to work under an experience designer, and you can work on projects since from starting concept phase to final completion. If you want to earn valuable industrial experience, you can even volunteer for part-time or temporary jobs.

Perks with this Career

One of the essential perks of a graphic designer is the ability to express creativity and by earning a good salary. Even, you as a graphic designer can express your creativity using various mediums like web, print, etc.

As per the current scenario, almost every firm around the globe needs a graphic designer. Also, there is a large client base for a graphic designer, so you can understand that the work of graphic designers will always inflow.

To become a graphic designer all you need is a computer, know how to use graphics software by being creative. Once you have these, you can pursue your career in the field of graphic designing.

Moreover, if you work as a freelancer, then you are your own boss, and you have the option to choose your working hours accordingly. Even, nobody will supervise you.

On another side, working in a design firm also has its own benefits. While working in a design firm, the firm will provide you all the software, equipment and a well-established work environment with a good amount of client base. And a timely paycheck which is a good thing.

Final Words

So, if you think you have passion or creativity, then Graphic design field is the right option for you. Don’t hesitate graphic designing will introduce you to a different kind of working style and lifestyle which you will surely like. But to keep experiencing the benefits of being a graphic designer, it is essential that you keep your knowledge up-to-date.

Meghna Biswas

Meghna Biswas

Meghna Biswas is a Social Media Marketer and Content Creator, she helps businesses attain leads through variety of social content across the web. Ms. Biswas is a writer by day or reader by night.

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