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Tips to crack your next Content Writing Interview

Hello, all content writers!

Any good plans for the current placement season? Yes! There you go.

I hope you are excited to land your dream job in the content writing industry. That’s great! Before proceeding further let me tell you some interesting facts about this industry.

Content writing can be a lucrative career option for many of you struggling out there in the job market. If you possess robust marketing sense, then any content writing firm would love to take you in their team.

Moreover, many of the recent graduates inclined towards content writing industry as the grass looks greener there. Ya! it is true somehow because the Internet is spreading his arms around the globe rapidly, this is the reason why everything is going online.

From plumbers to jewelers, education to fashion houses, real estate to the politician, and celebrities everyone is trying to make an online presence and hustling to uplift their service promotion.

Therefore, there is a massive demand for online writers who can create breathtaking content to promote their services and to engage audiences through their creative minds.

Being a content writer, you need to become familiar with different forms of content writing services including SEO content writing, blog writing, website writing, technical writing, academic writing, script writing and many more.

So you are a fresh graduate or don’t have prior knowledge, no issues! My dear.

Nevertheless, you may not be aware of these writing forms initially, but you need to assure your employer that you are a fast learner and can write any of the forms.

Let’s know the tips how to impress your employer during content writing interview.

Tips to crack your content writing interview

Content writing interview

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Research the company you are interviewing

It is vital to be familiar with the company’s website before going for the interview because it provides a lot of information about the company including their projects, upcoming events, work culture, etc.

Hence, it is recommended to visit the websites of your targeted company. Meanwhile, you can address the questions like how many employees does the company have, what kind of project they are working on, etc.

Prepare a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio is a good idea as it gives a positive impression to the recruiter. Besides, you can showcase your work to the interviewer, these days every employer would ask to show the writing sample. By reviewing that writing sample employer can take the decision that you are suitable for that job or not.

You can create a vast portfolio that can contain the best work of yours and you can also show the diversity of your relevant work.

Be prepared to ask your interviewer question

While interviewing when the employer asked? Do you have any questions for me? That means he is going to end your interview, but that doesn’t mean you’ll leave without answering that question which can be a lame excuse.

Do not ask awkward questions that can make your interviewer embraced and that can result in loss of that opportunity.

You may ask below-mentioned questions to the employer during the interview.

  • Do you run any training session to train your fresh writer?
  • Who are your targeted customer or clients?
  • What was your recent project ?
  • Can you tell me something about management style?

Show Proper Gesture

The gesture would be an essential factor during the interview. Making eye contact, shaking hands and speaking clearly shows your confidence. If you talk correctly then automatically you will convey your thoughts to the employer and shows you are positive enough.

The positive attitude will increase your chance doubled of getting hired and leaves a great impression on the employer. Hence start working on your gesture along with the communication skills.

Dress Professionally

You appear for an interview, and you wear some tang tops or casual clothes which clearly shows how unprofessional you are. To make a positive impression on the recruiter, you should wear formals or business wear.

You also need to pay attention to your grooming. Take care of such things before facing the panel round.

  • Make sure you trimmed your nails.
  • Your clothes need to be pressed and cleaned.
  • Smell good and hear should be neat.

If you are interviewing via video-conference, then also you should take care of the above-mentioned pointers and supposed to dress appropriately.

Ready for the written test

The interviewer may ask to write on some technical topic and current topic during your interview process. Through this test, the employer can get a sense about your expertise and preparedness for the desired position.

After reviewing your content employer can come to the result that your best fit for the desired position or not. The purpose of taking that test is to analyze your writing skills including grammar, sentence formation, searching skills, etc.

You might be encountered programming related questions or may ask basic coding syntax. Hence it’s better to learn the basics of coding languages such as Java, C#, a bit knowledge of HTML/CSS and other web writing codes and having knowledge of trending technology is equally important as coding.

The “elevator pitch”

Every applicant should prepare for an “elevator pitch” whether you are going for a content writing an interview or for else other position. It is a must for every candidate. An elevator pitch should be a short description which comprises of your career goals or proficiency you acquired.

Therefore, you should prepare that line very well and rehearsed it properly, so that you can describe that to the potential employer. Moreover, this is also a good start to describe yourself to the hiring manager.

Last Words

I hope this soft documentation will help you along your way and you may pass every hurdle coming on the road. Just start chanting all the above tips to get benefits for career prospects.

If you are looking for Content writing jobs. Don’t fret webdew is here to help you. You can visit our career’s page and schedule your interview for the same.

Good Luck!

Meghna Biswas

Meghna Biswas

Meghna Biswas is a Social Media Marketer and Content Creator, she helps businesses attain leads through variety of social content across the web. Ms. Biswas is a writer by day or reader by night.

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